Way of Kings Read-a-long – Part 2

wayofkingsralThis week’s host for the Way of Kings Read-a-long is Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow. I’m still enjoying the book a ton and am excited to answer Lisa’s questions below.

1. Shallan’s determination pays off, but Jasnah Kholin seems to change her mind a bit suddenly, and when Shallan isn’t expecting her to. She mentions knowing of Shallan’s family… Do you think perhaps she knows more than she admits? Or is she really just a bit more soft-hearted than she lets on?
I really like Jasnah and think she’s very clever, so I’m hoping she knows something. I’m hoping she’ll turn out to be testing Shallan and that Shallan will decide not to steal the soul caster, because I really like Shallan too.

2. Yalb comes to the bargaining rescue as Shallan tries to buy books… Do you think there’s going to be a bigger part in events for him to play?
When I was reading, it didn’t occur to me that he might show up again. However, the scope of the events in this book seem very epic and I wouldn’t be surprised if everything turns out to be more connected than it first appears.

3. Part One ends with a ray of hope for Kaladin, as he rediscovers a sense of purpose… What did you think of the scene in the Honour Chasm, and then with Gaz afterward?
I’m so glad he’s pulling himself back together! It’s much happier to read about a character with some sense of agency. I’m excited to see where this goes.

4. We catch up with Szeth for an interlude, and things are very different for him… What do you make of his choice to enslave himself – if it is in fact a choice…?
I would love to know what he did that was so bad that his society punished him with slavery. I do think he’s going to have a larger role to play in the story to come.

5. We also meet Dalinar Kholin, Jasnah’s father, and get something of a hint that he’s important where the Radiants are concerned… What do you think Dalinar’s ‘fits’ might mean?
I’m wondering if this ties into my theory that Kaladin is one of the characters from the prologue reincarnated. Perhaps Dalinar is too and his visions are related to scenes from his past life. I can’t wait to find out! 


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  1. nrlymrtl

    I too would really like to know why Szeth is punished with this unending slavery, and to seemingly random masters. Could it be self-imposed?

    Dalinar is definitely interesting. Even without his fits and visions, he is such a driven man. He use to be a slacker, and he blames that part of himself for his brother’s death. But now he has these strict rules that hopefully will safeguard the current king and his own family.
    nrlymrtl recently posted…The Way of Kings Read Along Part IIMy Profile

    • I’m guessing Szeth’s slavery wasn’t originally self-imposed but unless they’re some magical component we’re unaware of, the interlude seems to suggest he’s voluntarily sticking with it.

      I really like Dalinar’s character! He’s just such an honorable guy. I can’t wait to find out what’s up with the visions.
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  2. Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens

    I always find myself getting lazy about posting this questions because I already finished the book for only 2 days. Heavens, it’s just so epic that I think I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I don’t read it fast enough.

    I just don’t like Jasnah, I love her. In fact, I love all the characters including Szeth. Brandon really knows how to develop his characters. Argh.

    I wish I could discuss a lot of my views without giving you spoilers. I think I might post later on Goodreads about this.
    Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens recently posted…Book Review: AvalonMy Profile

    • I don’t blame you! I’m a bit ahead and might also have just finished already if I weren’t listening to an audiobook. As is, it will be at least another 15 or 20 hours until I’m done. Oh audiobooks, how I both love and hate you.

      I can’t wait to read your review once I’m finished. Then we can have a completely spoiler-y conversation about how awesome it is :)

  3. Sue CCCP

    1. Although I hope that Shallan changes her mind about the left, I am not convinced that it is likely to happen because it the only solution she sees to her problem.

    2. I agree, I presumed that he had gone back to the ship and would be sailing off into the sunset. However, we did get an awfully detailed look at him, so I would not be surprised if he returns at a later date.

    4. There are so many questions and so many things I want to know about, but this is very near to the top of my list, along with how Kal became a slave.

    5. I am in two minds about the idea of reincarnation. It seems to fit with the Prelude, but might be too simple for this author.

  4. 1. sadly, I agree. I think she’s likely to go through with it. I just keep wishing she wouldn’t because studying with Jasnah seems so awesome!

    4. I’d really like to know the rest of Kal’s story too. Generally, I really like Sanderson’s writing, but I’m finding the delay in filling us in on what happened to Kal a bit contrived. Since obviously Kal knows what happened, I think we should know too!

    5. I agree. It’s possible Sanderson has a much more complex explanation up his sleeve. I can’t wait to find out how everything fits together.


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