Lost Lake

13481275Title: Lost Lake
Author: Sarah Addison Allen
Source: from publisher for She Reads book club
Rating: ★★★★★
Review Summary: This book was perfect for me; it’s a very beautifully written, happy story about people helping each other find happiness with just a dash of magic.

Since her husband Matt died, Kate has been a bit lost. When she suddenly realizes that she’s let her controlling mother-in-law take over her daughter’s life, Katie decides she needs to do something. A bit of time away at her Aunt Eby’s summer camp, Lost Lake, may be just what she needs. Unfortunately, her Aunt Eby is about to be forced to sell the place unless Kate and the other people who depend on their visits to Lost Lake are able to do something to help.

This book was so perfect for me that I don’t feel like a completely objective reviewer. I’ve recently realized that I love books where people’s lives intersect in such a way that they all help each other become happier. This is one of those books. Like The Wedding Bees and other books with a vivid, happy atmosphere, the author clearly chose her similes and metaphors carefully to add to the mood she’s trying to create. There was a little more conflict than in The Wedding Bees, conflict which largely involved two particularly dislikable characters. Although I adored The Wedding Bees for what it is, the addition of those protagonists made this a slightly less fluffy book. The main characters really got a chance to grow as they learned to stand up to the dislikable characters when it was necessary for their own happiness.

Another bookish love I’ve recently discovered is the genre of magical realism. I think I love magical realism so much because I like happy stories and there isn’t much that’s more optimistic than magic that you almost believe could exist. I actually would have liked to see the details of the magic fleshed out a little more than they were, but it was pretty well done. It was certainly internally consistent and there are a few things that hint at a magical system connecting the different magical events. At the end of the book, I didn’t feel like it was something new and spectacular. It was, however, a perfect comfort book, superbly written and a delight to read.

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18 Responses to Lost Lake

  1. Sergio (Tipping My Fedora)

    Sounds like a very attractive proposition Katie – not the sort of thing I usually pick up at all really though I really do like magic realism as practiced by the likes of Rushdie, Carter and Borges so might make a beeline for this one – thanks.
    Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) recently posted…HAIL TO THE CHIEF (1973) by Ed McBainMy Profile

    • This does seem out of the ordinary for you but I’m glad you’re interested! It was a very good book and if you do pick it up, I hope you love it as much as I did :)

  2. Pat @ Posting For Now

    I enjoyed your review. I enjoyed this book as well and also recently learned about the term Magical Realism.
    Pat @ Posting For Now recently posted…It’s Monday! What Are Your Reading?: March 17, 2014My Profile

  3. Jennine G.

    I would say I don’t like magical realism, but I’m finding it depends on the author. Some handle it really well and others mess it up. So far all reviews I’ve read of Lost Lake have sounded wonderful. I have this one coming to me from Jennifer Smeth! Can’t wait.
    Jennine G. recently posted…There’s a Madness to MarchMy Profile

    • Oh, that’s great! I hope you end up enjoying how this author deals with it. I could see magical realism playing out in very different ways, so I’m suspect I’ll find some books that don’t work for me as I explore the genre further. So far, I’ve only read 1Q84, Time of My Life, and this one and I’ve enjoyed all of them :)

  4. Melinda @ The Book Musings

    I think this one was recommended to me. I’ve never read anything by the author, but I think I should.
    Melinda @ The Book Musings recently posted…Salvation by Harriet SteelMy Profile

    • I had only heard of her recently, but after her book was chosen for the SheReads book club, I felt like I was seeing her name everywhere. Since I love both happy books and magical realism, I could tell she was going to be an author I would like!

  5. Charlie

    I’ve been looking at this as a possibility without really knowing what it’s about (I love the cover and have judged it on that…) I’m kind of glad to hear it contains magical realism as that’s definitely the takeaway from the cover, and the story doesn’t sound bad, either.
    Charlie recently posted…A Visit To The VyneMy Profile

    • I do so much judging books by their cover! I do make an effort to read indie books and if a concept appeals to me, I’ll give something a try even if the cover is unprofessional. But even within professionally done covers, there are some that just call to me. I often not sure what it is about the covers that makes me think the story will be one I’ll like, but the people who design those covers must know what they’re doing!

  6. Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf

    I can’t wait to read this one! :) I love those intersecting lives stories, too. Totally understand what you mean.
    Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf recently posted…Top Ten Books On My Spring 2014 TBR ListMy Profile

    • I think I like stories like that so much because they’re typically happy and because they really focus on the good side of human nature. I believe it’s important to read about tough issues, but I think I’ll always prefer books that are mostly happy :)

  7. Katie @ Words for Worms

    I cannot WAIT to read this! I know exactly what you mean about books being perfect for you, I LOVE it when that happens!
    Katie @ Words for Worms recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: A Spring PreviewMy Profile

    • It was so wonderful! I really almost felt unable to review it because I’ve no idea if someone else without my precise preferences would think it was as perfect as I did. A happy story with magical realism is just the exact right book for me :)

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  9. Cayce

    Aww, this book sounds wonderful. One look at a cover, and you can just FEEL this will be something magical.
    ” love books where people’s lives intersect in such a way that they all help each other become happier.” Me too!

    Beautiful review!!
    Cayce recently posted…[LGBT Month] 10 days and counting!My Profile

  10. Andi @ Estella's Revenge

    I just adore Addison Allen, and her books always seem to fall into my life at the perfect time. Really excited to read this one.
    Andi @ Estella’s Revenge recently posted…It’s Monday. That’s All.My Profile


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