While Beauty Slept

18079665Title: While Beauty Slept
Author: Elizabeth Blackwell
Source: from publisher for review
Rating: ★★★★★
Summary: This was exactly what a grown-up fairy tale should be – dark, hauntingly beautiful, emotional, complex, but still with a fairy tale ending.

We all know the fairy tale story of sleeping beauty, but have you have ever wondered what that story would have looked like in real life? What would cause the king and queen to avoid inviting a powerful woman to their daughter’s baptism? Was the woman who cursed the princess really a fairy, a witch, or just a very bitter woman? And if not by magic, how was the princess cursed and then saved? Elise is able to tell a tale to answer all those questions from her time as a servant in the castle. She’ll also tell a tale of her own, including love she won and lost and the sacrifices her loyalty to the princess demanded. Continue reading


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Non-Fiction Friday


Non-Fiction Friday is a link-up where you can find all of the awesome non-fiction happenings of the week. Be sure to link-up your non-fiction posts too!

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Some Non-Fiction Mini-Reviews

7651620Title: The Husbands and Wives Club
Author: Laurie Abraham
Source: library
Rating: ★★★★☆

This is the story of five couples doing group marriage counseling and of one author who sat in on the sessions. I  liked that it became a story that was a little bit about the author too. This could easily have turned into a detached third-person narrative. Instead, it’s clear that the author connected with the couples, so it’s easy for the reader to connect too. That does make this some very unobjective non-fiction though. The author isn’t shy about inserting her own speculations about the couples’ feelings. However, she generally makes it clear when she’s speculating, so I didn’t mind too much. I think a similar fictional story could be a great character driven narrative, but I liked that this was non-fiction. It made the story more interesting that it was true. It made it easy for the author to hold information back without being manipulative because she shared information in the order she found it out. And of course, it made for a very believable story. This is in part due to the author’s ability to convey the personalities of the people involved, but I’m sure the fact that they were real people didn’t hurt either! Continue reading


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Love For Books Read-athon

As always for longer read-athons, I’m just going to try to read a bit more than usual. This week, I’d particularly like to read and review When Beauty Slept and The Bombers and the Bombed since they come out on Thursday. I’m also hoping to fit in something just purely for fun without a review deadline. Perhaps The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress or The Year of Living Biblically. I’m also looking forward to the mini-challenge! I’ll be tracking my reading progress throughout the week here.

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The Wedding Bees

The Wedding BeesTitle: The Wedding Bees
Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
Source: from publisher for TLC book tour
Rating: ★★★★★
Review Summary: This book was so happy and warm, comfortable and charming, it was a pleasure to read.

Sugar may be on the run from her life in the South, but her past still travels with her in the form of the bees she raises and her sweet Southern manners. Although her neighbors in Manhattan are skeptical of both at first, they quickly realize that Sugar and her bees are changing their lives for the better. Now they just need to get Sugar to realize that she deserves as much help and love as she shows everyone else. Continue reading


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The Medea Complex

18685624Title: The Medea Complex
Author: Rachel Florence Roberts
Source: from author for review
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Review Summary: This book was a haunting psychological thriller that kept me quickly turning pages, but it was also great historical fiction with a plot that perfectly fit the time period.

Lady Anne has been committed to Bethlem insane asylum, declared unfit to stand trial for a crime she doesn’t seem to remember. Her husband is unsure whether to love her or hate her and may harbor dangerous secrets of his own. Dr. George Savage simply wants to restore Lady Anne to her sanity and return her to her husband. However, when events spiral out of control both Dr. Savage and the reader will be forced to question everything they’ve learned about Lady Anne and her husband. Continue reading


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Literary Love 2014 Wrap-Up

Literary Love 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I just got back from celebrating in a somewhat literary fashion by watching The Tempest with the boy. It’s not my favorite play (way too much instalove, not enough plot!) but the actors were great and we had a good time anyway. This week on the blog we’ve been celebrating lots of literary love with the following posts:

Although this is officially the last day of the event, the link-up will be open for you to add any of your posts about Literary Love through Monday night. I hope you all had a great holiday! :) Continue reading


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