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Happy Memorial Day everyone and welcome to Armchair BEA! This is my first Armchair BEA, so I’m excited to join in, do some reading and some cheering, and get to know all of the wonderful bloggers involved. Here are my answers to the introduction questions so you can get to know me a bit too :)

1. Describe your blog in just one sentence. Then, list your social details — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. — so we can connect more online.

My blog is perfect for people who like reviews of non-fiction, literary fiction, and a bit of everything else. You can find me reading eclectically and sharing bookish news on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

2. What is your favorite blogging resource?

I recently started requesting physical ARCs and I’ve found this One Stop Publicity Resource from Jenna Does Books very helpful.

3.What does your favorite/ideal reading space look like? (Pinterest encouraged!)


My ideal reading space is curled up in a window with a beautiful view and lots of books within easy reach. The picture above is perfect.

4. Share your favorite book or reading related quote.

One of my favorites is from Lemony Snicket, “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them”. I think I like it because it makes me happy how often bookish people carry books and also because it makes me feel a bit like a spy :)

5.  What book would you love to see as a movie?

I would really like to see The Way of Kings and the rest of the trilogy made into movies. Everything about them is fantastic (the plot, the character development, the world-building), but most of all Brandon Sanderson does epic extremely well. There are some scenes which are just too cool not to be incorporated into a movie! 


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  1. tanya

    I love reading the Introductions of bloggers that I think I already know. You always learn something!
    tanya recently posted…Armchair BEA IntroductionMy Profile

    • I feel the same way :) It’s nice to get to know other bloggers better! I try to make sure I don’t just repeat info I shared earlier, so that my interview-type posts don’t get boring for people who’ve followed for longer.

  2. Andi (Estella's Revenge)

    Great intro, Katie! I’m glad you’re Armchair BEAing this year!
    Andi (Estella’s Revenge) recently posted…Armchair BEA: Intro and LiteratureMy Profile

  3. Lianne @

    Ooh, that one stop publicity resource page looks informative! OMG, The Way of Kings as a movie or any sort of visual adaptation would be mind-blowing xD Love that quote from Lemony Snicket, I get a bit agitated when I end up on going somewhere for a couple of hours and I forgot to bring a book with me…

    Looking forward to your other Armchair BEA posts this week :)
    Lianne @ recently posted…Armchair BEA: Introductions & LiteratureMy Profile

    • I was very excited to find the publicity page and I reference it whenever I’ feel stumped writing a request letter :) It’s just the saddest thing to have time to read and no book! I think that’s part of why I have trouble cutting back on review requests. Far better to have too many than to face the terrifying prospect of having nothing to read!

  4. Briana

    First, I love what you did with the Armchair BEA graphic! I’ve been struggling with it just because it’s square. I wish I’d thought of incorporating it into a title graphic like that.

    I also love the simplicity of your literature definition! I probably just spent way too much time writing a lengthy post that probably no one will read. (Just because I’ve seen a lot of blogging surveys recently where people said they didn’t read long posts.) You probably said what I wanted to say in just that one sentence.
    Briana recently posted…Armchair BEA Day 1: LiteratureMy Profile

    • Thanks Briana :) I’ve been using PicMonkey since doing a bloggiesta challenge hosted by Shannon at River City Reading and I love how easy the collage option makes it to combine pictures in a nice way. If you had the time and wanted to steal the idea, I’d be alright with that :)

      Oops, I meant to get rid of the bit on literature. I started to write more instead, but I was surprised by how much I liked the first few definitions I came up with online. I just didn’t feel like I had much to add. Also, I read your post on literature and I thought it was really good!

  5. Katie @ Words for Worms

    That book nook looks positively heavenly!
    Katie @ Words for Worms recently posted…Armchair BEA 2014 Introductions!!!My Profile

  6. Shannon @ River City Reading

    I’ve used the resource you linked to before and it’s definitely helpful! Love your reading space, too – I could definitely get stuck there for a while.
    Shannon @ River City Reading recently posted…It’s Monday May 26th, What Are You Reading?My Profile

    • I really like the example letter! I don’t use it exactly because I suspect publishers get a lot of that exact letter, but I do like to use it for ideas when I get stuck :)

  7. Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf

    Love your ideal reading space, that comfy bench and huge window ahhhhh!!!
    Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf recently posted…Armchair BEA: IntroductionMy Profile

    • My ideal reading space definitely involves natural light and somewhere to curl up, so window seats have always really appealed to me :)

  8. Cayce

    Ohhh, that book nook looks GREAT! Like a private mini-library with awesome view and cushy cushions. :) I have seen so many gorgeous reading spaces today. I’m dying of book nook envy~ Haha.
    Cayce recently posted…Armchair BEA – Q&A and LiteratureMy Profile

  9. Ms. Yingling

    I’ll have to check out the resource for ARCs, but what I really like is If I don’t care for a book, I don’t feel as bad if I have a digital copy instead of a paper one. Enjoy Armchair BEA!
    Ms. Yingling recently posted…#Armchair BEAMy Profile

    • I love Netgalley too! It’s so convenient :) I prefer physical ARCs when I can get them just for the reading experience though and I can usually find a friend who wants the ones I don’t want to keep. That makes me feel less bad about not liking a book, since I’m still helping it get more readers.

  10. Katelynn Clark

    Hey! Welcome to Armchair BEA! I agree that people who doesn’t bring a book with them!

    Katelynn Clark recently posted…Armchair BEA: IntroductionsMy Profile

  11. Megan

    That’s the perfect reading space. I was just thinking that a good reading nook requires, for some reason, a ridiculously large window with a lovely view. That one looks like it would fit the bill perfectly!
    Megan recently posted…Armchair BEA: IntroductionsMy Profile

  12. Donna

    I hope you have a great Armchair BEA experience. This is my 4th year and I look forward it each year.

    Girl Who Reads
    Donna recently posted…Day 1: #ArmchairBEA Introductions and LiteratureMy Profile

  13. Skeeter Lee

    Hi. It’s nice to see you!

    Thanks for the tip on this One Stop Publicity Resource from Jenna Does Books. I have had a couple of people ask me about YA books and I didn’t know what to tell them. I get mine at the library. No advance reviews for me.

    Your reading space is absolutely lovely. You could rent it out :-)

    What are you looking forward to the most at Armchair BEA this week?
    Skeeter Lee recently posted…Virtual Blurb Blitz: Brigand by Sabrina York + Regency Brigand Package GiveawayMy Profile

    • It’s nice to see you too :) Unfortunately, that’s my ideal, imaginary reading place not my actual reading place, but I would rent it! I had a great experience at the twitter chat yesterday, so I’m most excited for the other evening twitter chats I can make it to.

  14. Ashley @ Closed the Cover

    I love that you feature non fiction and literary fiction. Those genres seem so hard to find in the blogosphere.

  15. Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

    Hi Katie!

    My daughter is a big fan of the Lemony Snicket books! She got almost the whole series for Christmas and has read through about half of them. (She’s 10)

    Enjoy Armchair BEA this week!
    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love
    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love recently posted…Armchair BEA Day 1: Introductions and LiteratureMy Profile

    • I loved The Series of Unfortunate Events when I was younger and should really revisit them some time. For the most part, I don’t like unhappy books, but those just worked for me.

  16. Trish

    Oh that reading nook does look really lovely! I love the idea of a window to look out but I think I’d probably just be distracted by whatever is outside.

    Hope you have a great Armchair BEA!
    Trish recently posted…Introductions and Literature – Armchair BEA 2014My Profile

    • Yeah, I might have to face away from the windows sometimes to focus! The natural light would be fantastic though and I’m sure I’d enjoy the view during reading pauses :)

  17. Chris Wolak

    Love that cozy reading nook!
    Chris Wolak recently posted…Sunday Salon: What’s Been Going OnMy Profile

  18. Lindsey

    Wait…are there people who don’t take a book everywhere they go?!?

    Your reading nook looks so inviting. We have a window upstairs that I would love to outfit with a window seat. One of these days…
    Lindsey recently posted…Armchair BEA 2014 – Introduction PostMy Profile

    • Haha, I know, crazy right? What happens if you get stuck waiting somewhere and have time to read but no book?!

      I dream of owning a house with a window seat :)

  19. Steph

    Nice to ‘meet’ you! Happy Armchair BEA!
    Steph recently posted…Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway! — The Dragon’s Egg by H.B. BoltonMy Profile

  20. Emma @ Words And Peace

    that window is awesome, though I may have too many distractions to read: as I am as well an avid birder, I may spend more time with my binoculars than reading my book, lol
    Emma @ Words And Peace recently posted…Armchair BEA 2014: AUTHOR INTERACTION and MORE THAN JUST WORDSMy Profile

    • Oh, you would love Ithaca then! We have some great birding near where I live and while I’m not a serious birder, they are one of my favorite things to photograph :)

  21. Sophia @ Loving Lit

    So, that picture is perfect. I want to go there, curl up and read! Also, thanks for the resource! It’s so helpful!


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