Author: Will Schwalbe


Review: Books for Living

January 3, 2019 Uncategorized 4 ★★★

Review: Books for LivingTitle: Books for Living
Author: Will Schwalbe

Summary: This was occasionally touching and sometimes resonated with me, but mostly it felt like a failed attempt to recreated the magic of The End of Your Life Book Club.

The description of this book claims that the author ‘makes clear the ways in which a particular book has helped to shape how he leads his own life and the ways in which it might help to shape ours.’ To me, this seems like a pretty high bar to clear. I love reading, but I can’t think of any single book that has changed how I live my life. I suspect my reading as a whole influences my life and my outlook on the world. Connecting that to one specific book is tricky. However, based on the description I expected the author to describe some life changing books and to give some helpful advice. Based on his previous book, The End of Your Life Book Club, I also expected this to be very moving. It only occasionally lived up to any these expectations. Read more »


The End of Your Life Book Club

November 26, 2014 Biography, Memoir, non-fiction, Review 23 ★★★★★

The End of Your Life Book ClubTitle: The End of Your Life Book Club
Author: Will Schwalbe
Source: Gift
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Summary: This was a beautiful story which I found both inspirational and moving.

Will Schwalbe and his mother Mary Anne have always shared a love of reading, but rarely ended up reading the same books until Mary Anne was diagnosed with cancer. Mother and son then started a small, informal book club of two, discussing books while waiting in hospital lobbies. Their conversations were “both wide-ranging and deeply personal” (source) and showed how books can both help us forget ourselves and help us make sense of our own experiences.
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