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Clearing My Shelves Mini-Reviews: The Fiction Edition

March 3, 2021 Uncategorized 8 ★★★

Clearing My Shelves Mini-Reviews: The Fiction EditionTitle: God Loves Haiti
Author: Dimitry Elias Léger
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I really enjoyed most of this book, but I knocked a star off for how much I disliked the ending. The bulk of this story about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti was an impressive blend of dark humor and sincere human emotion. The many ways people reacted to tragedy felt true-to-life. The dark humor was used to great effect to comment on Haitian politics and history. As someone who knew little about Haiti previously, I was given enough context that I felt I could follow this commentary. I also enjoyed the use of religious imagery. It was a clear theme that was easy to pick up on and, if I’m totally honest, that made me feel like a good reader. The ending was the only let down. It wasn’t clear exactly what happened. What was revealed didn’t feel believable to me and without an explanation of how we got there from here, the ending didn’t work for me. Read more »