Author: Ken Liu


Review: The Three Body Problem Trilogy

April 17, 2017 Uncategorized 4

Author: Joel Martinsen, Ken Liu, Liu Cixin

Summary: Overall, an amazing series that imagined a future for technology and humanity that was creative, awe-inspiring, and believable.

I don’t read much sci-fi anymore because my reading priorities have changed in recent years. I’m also a lot less likely to take the time to read a long book, much less a long series, since starting blogging. I just hear about too many good books from all of you and I want to be constantly sharing what I’m reading with you as well! However, when I saw The Three Body Problem was a trilogy, I decided I either wanted to skip it or read the whole thing. As you can tell since I’m writing this review, I decided to embrace the trilogy and wow, was that the right choice! Aside from enjoying reading a long, sci-fi trilogy again after so long, this was a particularly fantastic series. I’m going to give you brief, non-spoilery reviews for each of the books below. Then I also want to talk a bit about two major aspects of this books: the science the author imagined and the  way he portrayed women in the story (also spoiler-free). Read more »