Author: Betty Mason


#TLCBookTours Review: All Over the Map

November 26, 2018 Uncategorized 4 ★★★★

#TLCBookTours Review: All Over the MapTitle: All Over the Map: A Cartographic Odyssey
Author: Betty Mason, Greg Miller

Summary: Fascinating and beautiful, this is an excellent example of a coffee table book worth closer scrutiny.

This was a fantastic collection of maps, each with a story to tell. Many of the maps reminded me of my favorite parts of The Visual Atlas. They displayed data in a way that made me understand the world differently. They examined everything from poverty and disease to flow of trade goods to endangered animal habitats. Many were also works of art. It was really interesting to learn how, in some cases, artistic techniques to help people form an accurate mental picture were prioritized over accuracy in terms of scale, distance, or angles between objects. Read more »