Futuristic Friday: Find Your New Reads August & September 2022 edition

August 12, 2022 Uncategorized 4

Happy Futuristic Friday! Tamara and I may have missed our July quarterly post, but we decided to still gather up some great books we’re looking forward to in August and September to share. We’ve both had a lot of life things keeping us from posting in July, but I particularly want to say a huge congratulations to Tamara on her engagement! Be sure to stop by her blog to see our list of books we’re looking forward to and to celebrate her good news.

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  1. Rennie

    I always love when you do these posts! I have a copy of The Gospel of Wellness I can’t wait to get into, I absolutely love anything on that topic.

    I’m so excited for Africa is Not a Country and Hysterical too, and I’m starting Raising Lazarus soon (I am SO behind on all of these review copies!!)

    I saw the Titanic-related one and was curious about it, I only hesitated because the last ocean expedition book I tried really disappointed me and I only ended up skimming, it ended up being more about the forceful personalities throwing tons of money into kind of self-serving endeavors. But I may have to give this genre another try 🙂
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    • DoingDewey

      Thanks Rennie! I’m glad they’re helpful. I thought The Gospel of Wellness was one you’d probably enjoy 🙂

      I was hoping I’d be able to keep up with review copies, but I’ve got two more to go for August and September is the month for which I have the most, so starting out behind doesn’t bode well. I’d like to read Beth Macy’s first book before picking up Raising Lazarus, but that conflicts with keeping on the ARCs!

      • Rennie

        I’m wildly behind on review copies too, thanks in no small part to ALA 😂

        I did just finish Raising Lazarus though, and I really liked it. I think it makes sense to have read Dopesick first just to get a general outline of how the problem started and progressed, but this one is sufficient on its own too. It focuses on harm reduction methods, the research behind them, and the people who are doing that work in their communities, often illegally. So it takes a pretty different course than Dopesick. She does reference back to one person’s story she told in that book, but it’s also clear enough as it’s told on its own here. So, not the worst if you decide to go with the new ARC first in this case! 😊
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