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February 10, 2021 Uncategorized 11 ★★★

Light Fiction in Mini-ReviewsTitle: How to Walk Away
Author: Katherine Center
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I debated how to rate this light, heartwarming, romantic read about a woman recovering from some devastating changes in her life. I enjoyed that it was light and heart warming. I adored the romance and found the connection the characters formed convincing. I also enjoyed the main character’s sense of humor. However, this book dealt with even extremely difficult topics very lightly. Financial difficulties were mysteriously non-existent. Difficult family relationships were magically repaired. The main character’s darkest moments were skimmed over, while happier moments were given a lot of time. There was a central character who was disabled and the book handled that fairly well. The general consensus in goodreads reviews seems to be that the author avoids suggesting a ‘cure’ is needed for happiness and other offensive tropes. As with many of the other challenges characters face though, the difficulty of moving through the world with a disability was also glossed over. While I probably enjoyed this 4-stars worth while reading it, it’s predictability and lack of depth mean it hasn’t stuck with me as more than a 3-star read.

Light Fiction in Mini-ReviewsTitle: The People We Hate at the Wedding
Author: Grant Ginder
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I’m surprised to see this book about difficult members of an estranged family is only getting 2.8 stars on goodreads. I initially really enjoyed spending time with these complicated characters. Just being thrown into their relationships and having to figure out the nuances and the history kept me engaged. The author’s choice to quickly share intimate details about the characters made them feel real and knowable. There are some surprising reveals of family history that made for perspective-changing twists. Sometimes it was entertaining how horrible they all were. Each character got a few relatable moments that made it easier not to hate them as much as they hated each other. I enjoyed this about as much as the previous book, which surprised me, since the tone is definitely more cynical. Sadly, as with the previous book, there wasn’t much depth here. Once I had each character’s backstory, their hang-ups and hatreds were pretty one-note. Thsy meant that the characters were able to surprise me early on, but the ending was predictable.

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  1. Angela

    I want to love Katherine Center’s books, but for some reason I just don’t. I just went back through my review for How To Walk Away, and I also gave it 3 stars. I didn’t care for the romance or the cliche ending, but I did like Margaret’s internal struggles and the research the author put into Margaret’s injury.
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    • DoingDewey

      You make a good point about the research the author must have done! I didn’t think to mention that in my review, but I was impressed by the detail in which she described what Margaret was going through. I did really enjoy this while I was reading it. There’s something keeping me from loving it too though. In my case, I think even though this was a light book, I’d have liked the author to dig a little more into the more challenging parts of Margaret’s story.

  2. Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings

    I find Katherine Center to be a bit hit or miss for me (but more hit than miss). I have absolutely loved a couple of her books and been more meh on others, but I do make it a point to seek out her new books. I think my feelings on her books are definitely related to my mood and general life state at the time of reading!

    • DoingDewey

      I’ll have to check out reviews of her other books and see if some others might appeal to me more. There were definitely a lot of good points about this one πŸ™‚

    • DoingDewey

      It’s true! A cozy mystery sounds perfect right now and I was looking for a light read when I picked each of these up. While they’re not super special and memorable, I’m definitely not sorry I read them. I enjoyed them even if I’m not motivated to tell everyone else they have to pick them up right now πŸ™‚

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