March Wrap-Up

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Well! It’s been quite a month here and I have to imagine you’ve all had a time of it too! On the bright side, I’ve really enjoyed seeing book stores, authors, and bloggers work together to adjust. And we at least have lots of great bookish events coming up in the next month to look forward to. I hope all of you are doing as well as possible under the circumstances.

Books Read

This was still a little bit of a slow month, with 9 books read. I definitely got some time back because of not having a commute, but I have been reading a number of books I’ve found more challenging and which I’ve really spent some time with (looking at you, Zadie Smith!).

Top Post

There was a strange spike in views on an old discussion I posted on Monuments Men, but other than that, my most viewed post this month was my discussion about whether you read reviews before writing your own. That makes sense, because I enjoyed this post and so put more effort than usual into promoting it.


Challenge Progress

  • Write more in-depth reviews – I think this is still a mixed bag. I’ve been able to do this for Zadie Smith’s books, after reading so many of them, but I still want to do a better job providing context for the books I’m reviewing. I’d also like to make more specific comments about what works for me and what doesn’t.
  • Write more discussion posts – None this month, but since I did two last month, I still feel on track.
  • Read more deeply on specific topics – I finished Zadie Smith’s books this past month and was really glad I did. I feel like I have some idea of what she’s about as an author now and did end up enjoy her latest essay collection quite a lot.
  • Read at least 40% nonfiction – 4 of 9 books I read last month were nonfiction and I’m still well on track for this goal.
  • Write 3 posts a week – I did this every week this month! Yay!
  • Read my own damn books –  Yet another bad month for this, but I’ll be focusing on this for my read-a-thons in the coming month.
  • Read books by and about people from marginalized groups – I’ve read another 4 books by Zadie Smith, which all engage with interesting topics of class, gender, and race. Citizen and The Confessions of Frannie Langton also count towards this goal.
  • Maybe get into Pinterest a bit more – None of this in March and I’m not sure it will be a top priority in April either.


Page-a-thon – April 1-31

This is a fun, team-based, page-counting read-a-thon. It takes place every quarter and has a seasonal theme. Sign-ups are here.



OWLs Read-a-thon – April 1-31

This is another great, team-based read-a-thon, but this one is split up by Hogwarts House and your reading list will be decided by the OWLs you need to pass to pursue a chosen career. I’m working on becoming a librarian and taking an Animagus training course 🙂 You can follow along here.


Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon – April 25

You probably already know about Dewey’s, but if you don’t, you should check it out! I love just taking a day, twice a year, to do nothing but read for 24 hours. Stock up on snacks, stock up on books, and join in for a great day of reading! No sign-ups posted yet, but you can find the details here.


Reading for April

  • ancient runes – Charlotte Bronte: A Fiery Heart (heart on cover or in title, owned)
  • arithmancy – 88 Names (outside favorite genre, owned) ✔
  • muggle studies – Little Fires Everywhere (contemporary, owned) ✔
  • DADA – The Islanders (book at sea/coast, owned) ✔
  • history of magic – The Midnight Witch (about witches/wizards, owned) ✔
  • transfiguration – Visions of Heat (book that includes shapeshifting) ✔
  • potions – We Should All Be Feminists (book under 150 pages, owned) ✔
  • astronomy – Our Women On the Ground – Arabic history month, mostly read at night ✔
  • The Map of Salt and Stars – Arabic history month✔
  • charms – Invisible Women – Not the Wellcome Prize tour, white cover✔

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  1. Angela

    Nine books is a great total! I should read more nonfiction, but I’m just not totally in the mood for it!

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