January Wrap-Up

February 5, 2020 Uncategorized 8

Well, my new year got off to a pretty good start! I read almost all of the books on my to-read list for January and kept up with posting about three times a week. Unfortunately, that’s fallen apart a little this past week. Part of that is that I’ve started a really academic book that’s slowed down my reading. I’ve also been trying to finish up my stats post from 2019 (so belatedly!) and that’s taken up a lot of my blogging time. And, last but not least, I have to admit that I’ve been playing a lot of Divinity 2 with my husband and that’s been slowing me down as well. Such are the ups and downs of blogging! Hopefully I’ll get back into it a bit more as we go through February.

Books Read

I ended up reading 9 of the 13 books I was hoping to read this month and I’m pretty happy with that! I am still reading one more urban planning book, then next month I’m planning on reading lots of Zadie Smith. I expect that to carry me into March, so I’ll probably make myself finish out March by finally reading more of the books I own.

Top Post

I’ve gotten google analytics working, so I can tell you that this month, my most viewed post was actually my previous monthly wrap-up!

Reading Goal Progress

  • Write more in-depth reviews – I’ve been happy with the reviews I’ve written on urban planning books. Focusing more on one topic does make me feel like I have more to say about content, instead of just form.
  • Write more discussion posts – I ended up doing a listicle for January, but I already have some better ideas for a discussion post in February
  • Read more deeply on specific topics – definitely doing this! I’m currently reading my eighth urban planning book and I’ve loved seeing the connections between them.
  • Read at least 40% nonfiction – Definitely on track for this! 8 of the 10 books I read last month were nonfiction. Maybe time to shift the balance back the other way.
  • Write 3 posts a week – Until this past week, I’ve kept up with this goal.
  • Read my own damn books –  Did not do this. I only read 2 books I owned, because I didn’t own the urban planning books I wanted to read.
  • Read books by and about people from marginalized groups – Again, only 2 of my books counted for this, since everything else was urban planning.
  • Maybe get into Pinterest a bit more – Did pinterest activities maybe 7 nights this past month. Stats on pinterest are going up, but so far, I’m not getting more click throughs.


Hogwarts Cup Read-a-thon – Feb 1-29

This is a read-a-thon of a sort I’ve really been enjoying lately – team based and you earn points for pages. I’m a little late joining in, but I’m excited to get started! It looks like there have also been some trivia questions you can earn points for. Should be fun! Sign-ups are available in the pinned tweet for the host’s account.

Reading for February

  • Uncanny Valley
  • White Teeth (author deep dive)
  • The Autograph Man (author deep dive)
  • On Beauty (author deep dive)
  • Changing My Mind (author deep dive)
  • NW (author deep dive)
  • Swing Time (author deep dive)
  • Feel Free (author deep dive)
  • Grand Union (author deep dive)
  • book club read
  • Citizen: An American Lyric (black history month)
  • The Confessions of Frannie Langton (black history month, book I own)
  • book I own? may have to make this a focus in march, because it’s not looking good so far!

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    • DoingDewey

      Thanks! Right now I’m reading White Teeth, which is the only book of Smith’s that I’d read previously, and I’m loving the writing style even more than I remembered.

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