Nonfiction Recommendations For Harry Potter Characters

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I’ve been wanting to write more discussion posts, but I’ve found myself uninspired to write more about reading or blogging. Instead, I’ve decided to give some nonfiction recommendations to some of my favorite fictional characters from Harry Potter. With one exception, where I point you to a review from Rennie at What’s Nonfiction, these are all books I’ve read and loved and which I think these characters would enjoy too.

 Harry Potter – In the Kingdom of Ice

 I love Harry Potter, the series and the character, but I’ll say it – a doomed expedition, driven more by bravery than knowledge, seems like just the thing for Harry. Of the three main character in the series, he strikes me as the most suited for Gryffindor based on the traits he values. I think he’d enjoy reading about the heroic efforts on this expedition in this gripping narrative nonfiction adventure.


Hermione – The Woman Who Smashed Codes

This book about an overlooked, brilliant, female cryptographer is almost too on the nose for Hermione. With her interest in ancient runes, I’m sure she’d appreciate the technical details of codebreaking that this author includes, without ever becoming too dense or challenging a read. The author was also meticulous with her sources, making this the sort of well researched history Hermione could love.

Ron – The Sports Gene

I don’t think of Ron as much of a reader, but given his love for the Chudley Cannons, I’m hoping he’d go for this fascinating look at the genetic components of athleticism. The author does a great job breaking these concepts down in a simple, but accurate way. And the book answers questions that will be of interest to any sports fan, such as whether some people are just natural athletes.



Neville – The Botany of Desire

I’ve always enjoyed how Neville has this one domain where he’s confident in his skills. This book about the impact of plant domestication on human history was a fun read and the author’s enthusiasm would be a good match for Neville’s. It certainly pulled me in and me feel enthusiastic about this topic too.




Luna – Ghostland

As soon as I thought of Luna, I remembered Rennie’s review of this book on the history of American urban legends, hauntings, and myths. I think the author might be a little skeptical for Luna’s tastes, but by approaching these stories with her sense of wonder, I think she’d still enjoy finding some muggle urban legends to believe in with this read.



Fred & George – Spook or anything else by Mary Roach

I had to come up with some funny nonfiction for these two and Mary Roach is the funniest nonfiction writer I know. On any topic, her irreverent sense of humor will have me laughing out loud. I think my favorite of her books is actually Stiff, but I don’t seem to have written a review.


Hagrid – Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are

I’m pretty sure Hagrid would answer the titular question with a no. With his love and admiration for animals of any variety, I like to think he’d enjoy learning how clever some of our muggle wildlife are. The author covers enough dangerous and/or surprising animals that I think this would keep Hagrid entertained.



Ginny – In Praise of Difficult Women

While Hermione is certainly awesome, for some reason, it’s Ginny I picture really getting into feminist literature and being inspired by women in history. In addition to recommending this delightful collections of short biographies of admirable women, I’d also suggest for her a bunch of other books on feminism – We Should All Be FeministsThick, ShrillHow To Be a Woman, etc.



What other nonfiction would you recommend characters from Harry Potter pick up?



12 Responses to “Nonfiction Recommendations For Harry Potter Characters”

  1. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    These are such great recommendations, you totally nailed it! I think I agree on the Ginny thing — she feels more like a feminist nonfiction reader than Hermonine, who I think would pick up more academic or informational books. Fun idea!

    • DoingDewey

      Thanks Kim! I had a little bit of a hard time putting my finger on why it was Ginny I picked out as a reader of feminist nonfiction, so I appreciate another opinion 🙂

  2. Rennie

    I love this idea!!! And you picked such fascinating ones! I think you’re completely right, Luna’s sense of wonder would be a good match for Ghostland. I love the picks of Are We Smart Enough and Botany of Desire, too perfect. What a fun list!

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