August Wrap-Up

September 9, 2019 Uncategorized 8

It’s been a fun month, with lots of travel, but not as good of a month for reading and blogging! I’ve read fewer books than previous months and definitely less reviewing. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into this month. And I have also had time to work on planning several blogging events, so there’s that to look forward to too 🙂

Books Read

As you can see – fewer books read and reviewed! I started out with some great true crime and memoirs though, which I really enjoyed.

Top Post

My top posts this past month were, once again, Nonfiction Friday posts, but I’ve decided instead to point you towards my top review post. It seems more fun than sharing a Nonfiction Friday post every month and I think this book deserves to be highlighted.

Challenge Progress

  • Read my own damn books –I’m weakening! Only five of my nine books read this month were ones I owned. I managed to get some books I was really excited about from the library and just couldn’t pass them up.
  • Reading Deeply Challenge –nothing last month, but I’m starting a deep dive into books about Dorothea Lange presently
  • Post 3 times a week – Not even close! Hopefully I’ll get back into this month.
  • Platypire’s Diversity challenge –still not working on this in an intentional way and I don’t think I want to give myself credit unless I’m actually making reading plans.
  • Nonfiction challenge, read 40% nonfiction –  40 out of the 82 books I’ve read are nonfiction, putting me at


I’m not planning on joining any events this month, but I’m already looking forward to Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon on October 26th. Don’t forget to sign-up!

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