#TLCBookTours Review: The Other Mother

April 5, 2018 Uncategorized 2 ★★★

#TLCBookTours Review: The Other MotherTitle: The Other Mother
Author: Carol Goodman
Source: TLC Book Tours

Summary: This was a fun read, but the ending was a bit of a stretch and it was otherwise a pretty average thriller.

“When Daphne Marist and her infant daughter, Chloe, pull up the gravel drive to the home of Daphne’s new employer, it feels like they’ve entered a whole new world. Tucked in the Catskills, the stone mansion looks like something out of a fairy tale, its lush landscaping hiding the view of the mental asylum just beyond its border. Daphne secured the live-in position using an assumed name and fake credentials, telling no one that she’s on the run from a controlling husband who has threatened to take her daughter away.” (Source) However, it turns out the assumed identity she borrowed from a friend may come with perils of its own.

I really enjoyed the structure of this story. It has a dual narrative feel, with diary entries from different characters interspersed with Daphne’s present day story. I was also impressed by how much the author managed to keep me guessing. Initially, the mystery seemed obvious. Then the answer became much less clear before the big reveal. For the most part, I thought the author did this in a way that didn’t feel manipulative. When we were getting the story from a given person’s perspective, we knew what they knew. Our knowledge wasn’t artificially limited. However, the mystery did rely on some far-fetched connections for an overly dramatic ending. I also felt the many cases of ‘mistaken identity’ type occurrences made the book hard to follow at times.

Like most of the thrillers I’ve read lately, I didn’t find this book either unique or memorable. Given that this is how I’ve been feeling about thrillers lately, I must admit that I might be being too hard on this one. Whatever the reason, while I had fun reading it, the problems left me feeling unfulfilled by the ending. About a week after reading it, it feels very average. It’s entirely possible other people on the tour will have more rave reviews than mine. You can check them out here.

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