#FuturisticFriday Review and Giveaway: Malagash

October 7, 2017 Uncategorized 2 ★★★★★

#FuturisticFriday Review and Giveaway: MalagashTitle: Malagash
Author: Joey Comeau

Summary: This was a beautiful, unique, emotional story about grief and family.

Sunday’s family is in her father’s hometown of Malagash because her father is dying. But she’s not ready to let him go. She begins recording everything he says, so she can incorporate his words in a computer virus. “A computer virus that will think her father’s thoughts and say her father’s words. She has thousands of lines of code to write. Cryptography to understand. Exploits to test. She doesn’t have time to be sad. Her father is going to live forever” (source)

I expected this to be beautifully written and it did not disappoint. The prose was sparse and both the chapters and the book were short, but I didn’t have a problem slowing myself down to appreciate it. It was so lovely, I wanted to linger over every meaningful word. The dialogue particularly stood out to me as well written and believable. Given the focus on the book on the way dialogue captures the essence of who someone is, I think the great dialogue was key to how successful this book was for me.

The other great strength of this book was the premise, which was as brilliant and well-executed as I could have hoped. I felt I got to know Sunday’s father through what she chose to save – his sense of humor, his love for his family. Sunday’s mother and little brother were equally well developed. I loved seeing how their relationships to each other also changed during this difficult time. I really loved everything about this book. There are a few cute little easter eggs that fellow programmers will appreciate, but nothing that you have to understand to appreciate the story as a non-programmer. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes well written, literary fiction with a focus on family relationships and the experience of loss.

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