#RIPXII – Readers Imbibing Peril Sign-Up

September 5, 2017 Uncategorized 5

I spoke too soon about not having any events to look forward to in the coming month! I just found the announcement post for the Readers Imbibing Peril challenge, which will be hosted by Andi of Estella’s Revenge and Heather at My Capricious Life this year. I’m signing up for Peril the First, where readers pick four books that fit into one of the following genres: mystery, suspense, thriller, dark fantasy, gothic, horror, or supernatural. Personally, I’m looking for recommendations in these sub-genres:

  • historical mystery
  • cozy mystery
  • horror
  • thriller or suspense – something realistic and with a creepy atmosphere

Do you have any suggestions? Will you be joining in too? If so, sign-ups are here.

5 Responses to “#RIPXII – Readers Imbibing Peril Sign-Up”

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    I meeeeeeeeeeeeean, have you read the Amelia Peabody mysteries? They’re not great literature or anything, but they are historical and great and fun and funny and they are my go-to comfort reading. So good.

  2. Kim@Time2Read

    Sounds like an interesting challenge, but I’m not ready to take on any more challenges. I can’t help out with ‘horror’ because I really dislike that genre. I can probably come up with other suggestions though. I’ll look through my old reviews and see what I liked.

      • DoingDewey

        Thanks Kim! I’ve not yet read any of Ariel’s books and I’d definitely like to. I’m not sure I’ll pick it up for this event, but I am sure I’ll get to it eventually 🙂