Read-a-Thon Reviews and Yosemite Pics

April 30, 2017 Uncategorized 8

Author: Basma Abdel Aziz, Gene Stone

Today, I’m recapping my read-a-thon reads and my visit to Yosemite, which happened the same day. I only read for about 8 hours, but I’m excited I did that much reading, since I’m sure I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the read-a-thon. Also, I definitely owe my husband a thank you for doing all the driving to and from Yosemite! I had a lot of fun reading during the drive. I ended up picking up two books (and starting a third), so I’ll review the books I finished below. I’ve also got some adorable squirrel pictures for Yosemite afterwards, so be sure not to miss those!

Read-a-Thon Reviews and Yosemite PicsTitle: The Queue
Author: Basma Abdel Aziz
Rating: three-stars

I picked up The Queue for Platypire’s Diversity challenge (Arabic history month) and it made for a fascinating read. This darkly humorous dystopia reminded me very much of Catch-22, with its absurd contradictions. The setting in an alternate history, modern day Egypt was refreshing. Although I’m sure it didn’t give me an accurate picture of the real Egypt today, the exposure to another culture and a different setting from most of what I read was a lot of fun. The author did a great job sharing only enough info to make me curious, slowly revealing the world throughout the story. The ending felt unresolved and unsatisfying to me, though. I’m definitely someone who likes a clear answer to how things worked out.

Read-a-Thon Reviews and Yosemite PicsTitle: The Trump Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Living Through What You Hoped Would Never Happen
Author: Gene Stone
Rating: four-stars

The Trump Survival Guide actually reminded me a lot of Headstrong, because both include short vignettes on important topics/people and both left me wanting to know so much more about every subject they covered. Instead of describing impressive scientists, this guide covered many of the most important topics in American politics. Each section began with a handy overview of the history of that topic. That was followed by a brief section on actions Obama took related to that topic; a section on what Trump might do; and a great list of actions you could take, organizations you could donate to, and resources you could use to learn more. I think it’s well worth buying in order to get the most out of the resource guides.

The third book I picked up was Printer’s Error, a fascinating and funny guide to the history of printing, which has been a great read so far. Review to come. In the meantime, you’ll just have to settle for some squirrel pictures 🙂


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8 Responses to “Read-a-Thon Reviews and Yosemite Pics”

    • DoingDewey

      Thanks TJ! I love taking animal pictures and squirrels are such easy animals to find, they’re the subjects of some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken 🙂

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Ooh, can’t wait to hear more about Printer’s Error! And I need to circle back around to The Queue — I had it checked out from my library a while back and read the first little bit of it, but then I got distracted and didn’t finish it, and someone else put a hold on it so I had to bring it back to the library without ever reading the rest of it.
    Jenny @ Reading the End recently posted…Reading the End Bookcast, Ep. 81: Music Reviews Game and Hari Kunzru’s White TearsMy Profile

    • DoingDewey

      I hate having to take books back unread, so I hope you’re able to pick it up again. It wasn’t my favorite book ever, but I really enjoyed the experience of reading something set in modern day Egypt. I wish that wasn’t enough to make this such a unique read for me though; definitely a good reminder that I need to do more pushing myself to read translated fiction 🙂

  2. Shay

    Great pictures! I feel like all I remember about my trip to Yosemite is heat and hornets.
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    • DoingDewey

      Thanks Shay! The first time I went to Yosemite, it was in the 90s and I mostly just remembered the heat too. My second visit was earlier in the year and much more pleasant 🙂

    • DoingDewey

      I think it’s a Stellar’s Jay. My mom happened to recognize it because apparently one shows up in the TV show The Big Bang Theory 🙂