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February 7, 2017 Uncategorized 12

I’ve been really lucky this quarter, with publishers sending review copies for many of the books I mentioned looking forward to in the Futuristic Friday post I did with Tamara of Traveling with T. This also means lots of giveaway copies for all of you, since I always promise publishers that these are books I’ll promote and pass along. Since this has meant a lot of me running giveaways and often paying (the small amount) of shipping myself, it’s made me think more about what motivates me to run giveaways. I’ll share with you some of the reasons I’ve thought of, but then I’m curious about your perspective on giveaways too!

  • Love of the book – Although I can’t know for sure I’m going to love a book at the time I request it for a giveaway, many of my Futuristic Friday picks have turned out to be books I’m incredibly excited to share with you. It’s a lot of fun for me to be able to pass the book on to someone else who will hopefully love it too. I’m also happy to be promoting books I’ve loved.
  • Just because I like you – The people who I interact with on my blog are some of my favorite people, so even if I didn’t love a book, if I think one of you might, I’m happy to pass it along. This is primarily why I run gift card giveaways on blog birthdays too.
  • More followers? – I know this is a reason that people run giveaways, but I’m not sure they work that way for me. I’d really like followers who want to be following my blog, so I always make following optional for entering my giveaways. As is, I think I get a few twitter followers because of my giveaways. I don’t think I get many new blog followers, but I’m not sure.
  • Decluttering – I almost never keep books any more – only my very favorites and those I haven’t read – so it’s nice to find some of my books a new home.

That’s all I’ve got, so now I want to hear from you! Do you run many giveaways? And if so, what motivates you to host and possibly fund them?

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  1. ayleeargh

    I haven’t hosted a giveaway in a long long time! Primarily because I’m trying not to spend any money beyond necessities at the moment. But I would definitely agree with your reasons from the days when I used to host regular giveaways! I felt so lucky to receive free books on a regular basis and to have people that actually seemed to read my random thoughts, that it only felt natural to give back!

    • DoingDewey

      That makes sense! My husband and I are taking budgeting pretty seriously this year and that’s part of what got me thinking about why and if it was worth it to me to pay to ship books for giveaways. It’s possible that in the future I’ll be learning more towards giving books away to people in person 🙂

  2. BookerTalk

    I seldom do this – partly because I don’t go looking for free copies from publishers (I know it would take me for ever to read them) so I dont have them to give away. As you say some people do this to get more traffic to their site but i’m not convinced this works – isnt there a risk people just follow the blog in order to get the giveaway but are not that interested in engaging really? Its the people who want to read my blog for its contents that I am more interested in

  3. Sam @ Sharing Inspired Kreations

    I haven’t hosted a giveaway in a loooong time! I love giving away books that I love, though. I used to do a feature that I called “Five-Star Freebie” where every time I give a book five stars, I would give a copy of that book away because I loved it so wanted to share it with others. I’ve stopped doing giveaways because I’m really being tight with money at the moment, but I would love to start doing my Five-Star Freebie again someday!!


    I love this post. While I do the occasional giveaway, and for various reasons, I still like the thrill of seeing who is interested enough to enter. It’s fun sharing books, especially with people who take the time to read your blog.

    • DoingDewey

      Thanks Julz! I always think it’s interested to see which books people are most interested in. Perhaps unsurprisingly, if I raved about a book, the giveaway tends to get more entries!

  5. Krysta @ Pages Unbound

    I know many bloggers host giveaways for followers, but many of those people aren’t actually reading your blog–they’re following to try to get the book–so, like you, I don’t understand that motivation. I think it makes more sense to host giveaways as a sign of appreciation for your followers and to share the bookish joy!

    • DoingDewey

      Agreed! I used to enter giveaways that required you follow a blog and I always felt I was cheating if I wasn’t really going to engage with that blog. For that reason, I don’t enter giveaways like that any more and I don’t like to host them myself either.

  6. Kim@Time2Read

    I’ve hosted a few giveaways when it’s been a book on tour and I forward shipping information. I’ve never paid to ship a book on a giveaway though, I think because I got burned out paying for shipping when I used to do Bookmooch. And I’ve never had more than 2 or 3 people enter my giveaways.

    Instead I give them away close to home. A lot of books I drop off at my library for the annual book fair, but I recently learned that they pull the ARCs and destroy them, so I don’t donate those anymore. I also give some to friends and book club members, but I think they are tired of getting my books. I was about to donate to Goodwill when I learned the other day that there will be several Little Free Libraries going up nearby. I plan to visit frequently and stock their shelves! LOL!

    • DoingDewey

      Honestly, this is what I’m leaning towards doing in the future. Even only $2-3 per book adds up, but more importantly, so does the time to go to the post office! There just aren’t any that are really convenient for me during the week. I’ll definitely have to see if there are some little free libraries in my area. That would be a lot of fun!

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