New Releases You Should Know About 2017

January 18, 2017 Uncategorized 10

As I put together my Futuristic Friday list, there were a number of books that didn’t quite make my list, but did make me go “Wow, they’re coming out with a new book?!”. These are books by authors who I feel like everyone has heard of or who have written previous favorites of mine. Don’t miss them!

10 Responses to “New Releases You Should Know About 2017”

  1. Naomi

    A History of Tomorrow should be interesting! And I’ve heard that No Man’s Land is good.
    Lots of goodies coming up. 🙂

    • DoingDewey

      I really liked Sapiens, by the author of A History of Tomorrow, but I’m not sure it will be as good. It seems so much more speculative! I’ll probably wait and see the reviews 🙂 I’d not heard anything about No Man’s Land yet, but it definitely seems interesting!

  2. BookerTalk

    That new Bernhard Schlink is calling to me – I watched the film of The Reader last week and if the new book is anywhere near as powerful we will be in for something special

  3. Jenny @ Reading the End

    So many awesome books, and I love your slideshow situation! What plug-in do you use, if I can ask? It looks really slick. I am also glad for the reminder that I still need to read Sapiens, which continues to look excellent.

    • DoingDewey

      Thanks Jenny! I use the Riffle book tracking website to make a list and then you can embed it in a post. I mostly don’t like the site quite as much as goodreads, but I do love it for lists! I’m not sure I believe Homo Deus is going to be any good – it seems too speculative – but I really enjoyed Sapiens.

  4. Catherine

    Oooo…something new from Schlink? The Reader was one of those uncomfortable reading books which makes me think I’d like this one as well. Adding to my TBR!