February Wrap-Up Post

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January 2016

My first on-time wrap-up post! How exciting ๐Ÿ™‚ While I’ve done a lot of great reading this month and still have a fantastic pile of books to look forward to, I’m sad to say that I’ve not done a great job of reading for my challenges. Although in general, I think that’s less important than enjoying my reading, I did pick challenges reflecting what I’d like to be reading more of, especially diverse and translated fiction. As is, I’ve been letting myself be driven by ARCs I have and I’ve not done a good enough job of thoughtfully selecting books that meet my reading goals. Hopefully next month will be better!

Books Read

I’ve done slightly less reading than last month, but I’m still very happy to have made time for 10 books.

Top Post

My most popular post this month was my giveaway ofย In the Land ofย Armadillosย and to that I say, you have good taste! I really enjoyed that book.


March Preview

Women in history

Readingย Headstrong last month made me realize how little I know about women in science history, so I’m going to celebrate March Women’s History Month by doing something about that! This list of book recommendations seems like a great place to start.


I’m also excited to finally be picking upย Missoula for my March nonfiction read-along. I’m sure it’s going to be a tough read, but also worthwhile.

How was your February? Any interesting March plans?

20 Responses to “February Wrap-Up Post”

  1. Sara

    You had a solid reading month! Mine was quieter, with 6 books read (January was 14 so a pretty big difference). I have a large stack of library books waiting for me in March and I’m heading to the library today as well, so I’m sure I’ll be bringing more home with me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • DoingDewey

      I expected to find that my February would have slowed down more than it did compared to January and was pleasantly surprised. I think I have a slow month coming though, since I’m hoping to finish up my PhD in the next few months! Your library haul sounds very exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kim @Time2Read

    Sounds like you did a good job with your reading in a short month! I think I only read 6,
    I’m looking forward to the Missoula read-along. I’m also going to try to fit in a ‘woman in science’ book. I just have to find one carried by our library. No doubt I will come home with an armload of books when I pick it up!

    • DoingDewey

      Yay! I’m very excited for both of those events, even if Missoula is turning out to be just as though of a read as I expected. Have fun at the library! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Geoff W

    I’m just glad February is on its way out! I’m ready for the “warmer” days of March and am looking forward to more sun time. Fingers crossed it actually happens.

    • DoingDewey

      Thanks Monika! I feel as though I’m handing out 5 star reviews like candy, but I’ve read a ton of great books lately.

  4. Laurie C

    I NEVER do a great job of reading for my challenges! But I’m glad you did the Reluctant Romantic challenge for February. It was fun to have an excuse to read some light, genre fiction for a change! Good luck with the March Read, and it looks like you have another productive month of reading and blogging coming up!

    • DoingDewey

      Haha, no, not doing great reading for my challenges isn’t out of character for me either. Thanks for joining me on the genre fiction last month! I enjoyed hearing how it went for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jade @ Reading With Jade

    Plenty of time to catch up on challenges… Sometimes it’s good to read for readings sake. It looks like you had quite a productive month, and delved in to a field you previously didn’t know much about.

    Happy March!

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