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I’ve saved any questions that you’ll have to have started reading until this week, in hopes we’ll all be able to jump in. I’d like to talk about how you’re feeling about the genre so far, based on your previous experiences and your reading this month. Here are some questions to think about this week:

  • Have you read any books in the genre you’re trying before this month?
  • What books have you read in this genre so far this month?
  • How is your experience with this genre this month going?

The only romances I’d read prior to this month were are Stephanie Laurens’ And Then She Fell and a series beginning with The Dark Queen by Susan Carroll. I was pleasantly surprised by both. My experience this month has also been a hugely pleasant surprise. The books I’ve read don’t have the most amazing writing I’ve ever read, but they’re like candy – very hard to put down! I’ve been having a lot of fun reading them. Based on how much I liked Carroll’s series and the book this week, I’m thinking historical romance may be my sub-genre of choice. Of course, based on the fact that the only book I picked myself for this experiment, A Kiss at Midnight, was such a bust, I also think I have a lot to learn about what makes a good romance for me!

More generally, I’m really enjoying all the things reading a new genre is making me think about. I’m thinking about what I like in that genre; what makes a good read for me; what makes a good relationship; and whether the tropes in this genre bother me and/or are sexist in any way. Although these books feel like lighter reads than many of the books I read, they’ve actually been very thought-provoking. I could see any of them making for some good book club discussion. I’m feeling good about reading more in this genre and possibly trying to find some other genres to push my boundaries this year as well.

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