Dewey’s 24-Hour #Readathon is Here!!

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Yay! It’s Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon today and I can’t wait to spend a day just reading and relaxing! My favorite thing about Dewey’s is that it’s an excuse to do that as an adult 🙂 My other favorite thing is interacting with other bloggers, so I’ll be updating here and on twitter at least hourly. Have fun guys and lets get started!

Hour 1

Reading The Song Machine

Eating yogurt with honey, fruit, and granola

Drinking just water. It’s only 8am! 🙂

Feeling glad to get an hour of reading in before I have to miss hours 2-4 for a teaching conference. I hate to get out of pajamas on a read-a-thon day, but I think it will be really helpful for TAing!

Mini-challenge – Survey

  1. I’m reading in Ithaca, NY.
  2. I have a huge, unrealistic stack of books I’m looking forward too! Some I’m particularly excited for are The Bloody Chamber  (for Lory’s Witch Week read-along), On Immunity, and The Witches (for RIPX, but also a good fit for witch week!).
  3. I’ve made myself eliminate all but one sugary snack, some delicious no-bake cookies, so those are definitely the snack I’m most excited for!
  4. I love reading nonfiction, so you’ll see lots of that on my to-read pile this read-a-thon.
  5. I’ve been pretty happy with my other read-a-thons. I want to make it the full 24-hours and I’ve remembered to have lots of snacks, plus some shorter books to break things up.

Hour 5

Reading The Song Machine

Eating lunch! Making some taquitos to eat with greek yogurt (healthier than sour cream and less lactose!)

Drinking water still

Status trying to balance reading and blogging and all of the mini-challenges! I want to do all of the things today!


17294909For Shaina’s The Ugly Cover Pitch mini-challenge, I explained that Goodwill Tour is a heartwarming, wonderful memoir even if it does look like this:


Hour 6

Reading The Song Machine

Listening to the hit songs it talks about

Status back in pajamas, as one should be for a read-a-thon 🙂


For the Goodreads Power of Love mini-challenge, I’m talking about Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomenon. I fell in love with this book because the author does an amazing job juxtaposing the tragic and the hopeful. The writing is beautiful and the author uses phrases I’ve never heard before but which I can immediately relate to.

Hour 7

Reading The Song Machine still – to many breaks to listen to music!

Sitting near my space heater

Drinking warm apple cider

Status having mixed feelings about this book. Hearing how specific hits were made is fascinating, but sometimes the lists of producers and writers and companies involved just feel like… lists.


49011My Halloween read is The Bloody Chamber, the read-a-long pick for Witch Week!

Hour 8

Reading The Song Machine – half way through!

Eating no-bake cookies. Time to break out the sweets!

Drinking the last of my cider

Status learning lots about K-Pop. It’s pretty cool!

Hour 9

Reading The Song Machine  – 66%!

Eating cookies still

Drinking water

Feeling shocked it’s hour 9 already!

Hour 10

Reading (as you may have guessed) The Song Machine

Feeling Excited for hour 10! The end is in site on my first book and I’m excited to cheer after I finish. Definitely picking a shorter book for my next read!

Hour 11

Reading The Song Machine – finished!!

Eating a pot pie. Don’t just my frozen meal day, guys! I just got back from travelling and it’s the read-a-thon, so not my usual day 🙂

Feeling excited to go cheer!

Hour 13

Reading a new book!! The Bloody Chamber short story collection, to be precise.

Eating frozen, chocolate-covered bananas. Yum!

Feeling a little sleepy already. Oh no!

Doing laundry – with an audiobook, of course

Listening to The Fires of Heaven

Hour 14

Reading The Bloody Chamber – pretty good so far!

Spending too much time on twitter! And having lots of fun 🙂

Eating the healthy snacks – grapes and rice cakes.

Hour 15

Reading The Bloody Chamber

Feeling revitalized! The healthy snacks seem to have been the right choice 🙂 Also, lots of water.

Thinking about taking an hour off to game with friends next hour. Sacrilege, I know! But I spent 7 hours or so reading on a plane yesterday, so I’m getting to where I need the break 🙂

Hour 16

Playing Killing Floor 2

Eating another cookie

Hour 17

Reading The Bloody Chamber

Thinking of going to bed when I finish this book. I want to get things done tomorrow since I read all day today 🙂

Hour 18

Going to bed. I’ll be back to wrap up the challenge I’m hosting at the end of the read-a-thon. Have fun all!


13 Responses to “Dewey’s 24-Hour #Readathon is Here!!”

    • DoingDewey

      It ended up being a very helpful conference! I learned a lot and was excited to get to come home and read afterwards 🙂

    • DoingDewey

      Pretty good, thanks! Debating calling it a night soon though, so I can actually be productive tomorrow after reading all day today 🙂

    • DoingDewey

      Haha, the snacks are always one of my favorite parts of the read-a-thon 🙂 Like a lot of short story collections, The Bloody Chamber was hit or miss for me, but the author is definitely someone to keep an eye on.