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January 5, 2015 Blogger Events 4


The first fun happening I’d like to share with you is a regular feature I do with Tamara from Traveling With T. For Futuristic Friday, we both pick the books we’re most looking forward to over the next few months, because we know you all need more books for your TBR pile! This month it was turn to host, so you can check out our picks in her post.


The second bit of news I want to share with you is that C.J. at ebookclassics will be hosting the Book to Movie challenge this year! Check out that snazzy new logo, then hop on over to her blog to sign-up. I’ll definitely be joining in for some of the read-alongs myself.

4 Responses to “Fun Bookish Happenings”

  1. Nikki-ann

    This sounds like a great idea. I did a similar post of books I’m looking forward to a week or so ago. On my way to visit Travelling With T and looking forward to what I might find! 🙂

    • DoingDewey

      It’s a lot of fun and since we do it together, it means I have to be on top of things and figure out which books I might want to request in advance! It’s a feature I really like doing 🙂

  2. C.J. @ ebookclassics

    I can’t wait to see what you post for Futuristic Fridays! Please visit my blog everybody and tell me what book adaptations you’re watching for the Books to Movie Challenge.

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