Soundbite Sunday – Mistborn: The Final Empire

August 17, 2014 Audiobook 4 ★★★★

Soundbite Sunday – Mistborn: The Final EmpireTitle: Mistborn
Author: Brandon Sanderson
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As with Words of Radiance, I’m probably rating this book less highly because I read The Way of Kings first. Compared to The Way of KingsMistborn seemed like a younger sibling, a scaled down version perhaps intended for a younger audience. There are a lot of similarities between the two books: a world with a tyrannical ruling class; a male and a female narrator; chapters beginning with quotes from books; and similar magical combat. This is a good thing because these were strengths of The Way of Kings, but it’s also a bad thing because Mistborn felt much less novel. Mistborn also had a similarly consistent magic system and great character growth. Unfortunately, the epic scale and impressive world building of The Way of Kings were missing, but hopefully that will come as I read the next two books in the trilogy. Michael Kramer’s narration was spot on as always.

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  1. Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens

    This was the first Sanderson book that I’ve read and I agree about the similarities. The MCs were slaves and are trying to rise and fight the dictator rulers. Good thing that the personality of the characters of the two books are different. Kelsier was optimistic and funny while Kaladin easily succumbs to grief and misery. Then Vin is bitter but really honest while Shallan is a schemer and does things to advance her motives. And what about Elend? Ahhh. I can’t find someone to compare him with.

    Even though Stormlight Archive is better, I still gave this book a 5 star rating because it was my first EF read after so many years. And restored my faith to the genre.

    • DoingDewey

      You’re right, the personalities of the main characters do make these a lot more different than they might be. I’m really blown away by the amount of character growth in Sanderson’s book. I feel like that’s often missing from epic fantasy. I actually went back and gave these one 4 stars today, because I think my three star rating was influenced by the fact that I just finished the second book and felt like it dragged a little.

  2. Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections

    I haven’t read The Way of Kings yet, so I don’t know about the comparisons. I have read Warbreaker and Elantris, however. The Final Empire was my third Sanderson book, and I really liked it. I especially loved Kelsier and Breeze. I’ve got #2 and #3 waiting for me, hopefully to be read soon!

    • DoingDewey

      I haven’t read either Warbreaker or Elantris, but I’m excited there are so many more books by Sanderson for me to get to! I think his internally consistent magic systems are the best.

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