Bookends: Percy Jackson and More Percy Jackson

January 28, 2012 Fiction 11

In what is definitely the sign of a good series, I have spent the week diving into one Percy Jackson book after another.  I’m currently in the middle of the fourth book in the series, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and am already looking for another YA series to fill the void in my life that will be left when I finish the fifth and last book!  Suggestions are welcome 🙂  Wonderfully, I haven’t noted a decline in quality of the books as the series has progressed and I’ve found the feel of the books to be mostly the same as the first one, so I won’t be doing complete reviews for each but would happily give the whole series 4 stars and highly recommend them!

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    • DoingDewey

      My little brother likes them too 🙂 In fact, this was one of a few series most of my family read while I was in undergrad and didn’t have time to read, so I’m slowly getting to those series now.

  1. socrmom78

    I haven’t read any of them, but might like to. Are they good for adults too? I loved the Harry Potter series and have been reluctant to pick up another YA series for fear I won’t like it as much.

    • DoingDewey

      While they’re definitely YA books in that they’re appropriate for young adults, I think they’re good for adults too. They have reasonably complex plots and deal with important issues like loyalty and death. Plus being fun reads of course! So yes, I’d recommend them for adults too 🙂

  2. Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm

    Assuming you’ve already read Hunger Games, I also liked Graceling a lot. Graceling book 2 (“Fire” I think?) was ok, but fingers crossed that book 3 in the trilogy will be better!

    I’ve been thinking about Percy Jackson…good to know that they’re addicting enough to read several in a week!

  3. Geoff W

    There’s an entire second set in the Percy Jackson universe, and Riordan’s third series about Ancient Egypt will eventually cross over into this universe. If you like history based ones you should check out Michael Scott’s ‘The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel’ series, it’s GREAT!

      • DoingDewey

        I will definitely have to check out Riordan’s other books 🙂 And I’ve been up-dating categories in hopes of making things easier to find, but I am trying to find a way to stop them from showing up in the RSS feed before I do any more since I have a lot to update!

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