Of UFO’s and Trivia

December 9, 2011 non-fiction 2

My first thought looking at this section was to wonder if I’d wandered into the fiction section by mistake!  Who knew that tales of chasing Sasquatch and interviews with politicians about government contact with aliens were categorized under 001 in the Dewey Decimal system?  This category also included some collections of interesting facts and other books pertaining to the categories official label, “Knowledge”.  Strangest of all was a book about “the allies of humanity”, which you can view here.  It looks incredibly bizarre, but I might have to add it to my reading list since I don’t want to judge it too harshly until I’ve given it a chance.

For now, I’ve decided on an interesting looking book entitled “Wrong” and subtitled “Why Experts* Keep Failing Us – And How to Know When Not to Trust Them”.  As a hopeful scientist-to-be, I think this could be  really worthwhile read.  I don’t know if I will agree with the criticisms in the book, but either way I’ll learn something! If not mistakes to be avoided than certainly something about public misconceptions about science.  Starting out, I anticipate a little of both.

For those of you wondering what happened to 000:  Having just finished my undergrad degree in computer science, I couldn’t bring myself to read more computer books for fun!  So at least for the moment, I’m planning on skipping zero, but perhaps I’ll come back to it later.

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  1. Birgit

    Well, I guess it is important being able to tell a Sasquatch from your average politician, right? *chuckles to herself*

    I agree, finding bizarre themes like these in 001 (and not further down in, say, 590-something*) is a bit on the weird side, then again, it might make for a unique reading experience!

    * Just saw you read a book on bird watching in that segment of the DDS … well, aliens do fly too in their space ships, hahaha!

    • DoingDewey

      Haha, yeah, I suppose it is knowledge of a kind, although I would have guessed that they’d be classed under one of the sections with myths in it or something like that instead.

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