Nonfiction November: Book Pairing

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Welcome to week 3 of Nonfiction November! We’re celebrating nonfiction this week with one a previous favorite topic – nonfiction and fiction book pairings. Sarah at Sarah’s Bookshelves is hosting the link-up this week and our prompt is the following:

This week, pair up a nonfiction book with a fiction title. It can be a “If you loved this book, read this!” or just two titles that you think would go well together. Maybe it’s a historical novel and you’d like to get the real history by reading a nonfiction version of the story. Read more »


#FuturisticFriday Review and Giveaway: A Warrior of the People

November 11, 2016 Biography, History, non-fiction 4

#FuturisticFriday Review and Giveaway: A Warrior of the PeopleTitle: A Warrior of the People: How Susan La Flesche Overcame Racial and Gender Inequality to Become America’s First Indian Doctor
Author: Joe Starita
Source: from publisher for review
Links: Amazon|Indiebound |Goodreads
Rating: three-stars

Summary: An incredible and engaging story, although written a bit simply.

Susan La Flesche was the first Native American to become a doctor, at a time when any female doctors were rare. She overcome many obstacles and made difficult personal sacrifices to serve her people. Her level of community involvement while in school and while serving as a doctor was almost unbelievable. She led a fascinating and inspiring life. Read more »


#NFBookClub Discussion Part 1

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Nonfiction November edition of our nonfiction book club! I hope you’re all enjoying Neurotribes as much as I am and are just as excited to discuss this thought-provoking book. I know it’s a long one, so I’ll keep the link-up at the bottom of the post all month, so you can join the discussion at your own pace. First, I’ll just give you the discussion questions and then you can keep reading for my answers, that way it’s easy to wait to read my answers until after you’ve written your own if you like. So, here is our first set of discussion questions!

1. Had you heard of Henry Cavendish before? What do you think the author’s purpose was for beginning with the story of two famous physicists who were autistic? Was your reaction when his eccentricities were first described different because he was a nobleman living in the 1700s, instead of a contemporary?

2. What do you think of the doctors promising autism cures?

3. Do you think the author is unbiased? Do you feel like their are any particular points he’s trying to make? If so, is he doing a good job making them

4. How do you like the book so far?

My answers and the link-up are below. Read more »


Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpTitle: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
Author: Marie Kondō, Cathy Hirano
Source: Library
Links: Amazon|Indiebound |Goodreads
Rating: two-stars

Summary: I liked the basic idea, but the details didn’t work for me and sometimes seemed pretty crazy.

Marie Kondo is a professional cleaning consultant now, but she’s been interested in cleaning and organizing since she was very young. In this book, she shares her the method she’s developed for organizing based on years of trying different things. She also shares the emotional connection she feels with her home and the objects she owns. Read more »


#NFBookClub December Read Announcement

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I’m excited to announce that for December, Lory of Emerald City Book Review has invited the Nonfiction Book Club to do a joint read-along with her Reading New England challenge. For December we’ll be reading The Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick. I’ve been wanting to read one of his books since I started hearing good things about his In the Heart of the Sea when it was made into a movie last year. Our discussion questions will be posted as follows:

Dec 11th – Part I and II Discussion Questions

Dec 22nd – Part III and IV Discussion Questions

I hope you’ll join us this month learning about the history of New England!


Review: Your Inner Fish

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Review: Your Inner FishTitle: Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body
Author: Neil Shubin
Source: Library
Links: Amazon|Indiebound |Goodreads
Rating: four-stars

Summary: Despite a very simple message, the author’s enthusiasm, plus clear prose and images, made this accessible and compulsively readable.

Paleontologist Neil Shubin primarily studies ancient fish, but he uses what he learns to gain new insights into human anatomy and our evolutionary past.  By examining living and ancient fish, it’s possible to trace the history of many aspects of human anatomy. As he explains this history, we also get to learn about the process by which his lab continues to make new discoveries. Read more »



Nonfiction November Week 1 Wrap-Up

November 4, 2016 Uncategorized 12

fall-festivalWow! It’s only the first week of Nonfiction November and I’m having so much fun already. Thank you all for joining in and making this a great event! Today, I’ll be recapping your answers to this week’s prompt. First, I’m excited that all of you are looking to meet new bloggers and find new nonfiction to read. Be sure to visit each other’s post so you can connect with new bloggers! For finding new nonfiction, I’m here to help you out today, because I’ll be sharing one book each blogger mentioned as either their favorite or most recommended read of the year. Here we go! Read more »



Review: The Comet Seekers

November 3, 2016 Uncategorized 10

Review: The Comet SeekersTitle: The Comet Seekers
Author: Helen Sedgwick
Source: from publisher for review
Links: Amazon|Indiebound |Goodreads
Rating: five-stars

Summary: The beautiful writing plus the lovely mix of science and story reminded me of All the Light We Cannot See, but happier.

“Róisín and François first meet in the snowy white expanse of Antarctica. And everything changes. While Róisín grew up in a tiny village in Ireland, ablaze with a passion for science and the skies and for all there is to discover about the world, François was raised by his beautiful young mother, who dreamt of new worlds but was unable to turn her back on her past. As we loop back through their lives, glimpsing each of them only when a comet is visible in the skies above, we see how their paths cross as they come closer and closer to this moment.” (Source) Read more »