New Release Review: Lucidity

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New Release Review: LucidityTitle: Lucidity: A Thriller
Author: David Carnoy
Source: from publisher for review
Links: Indiebound |Goodreads
Rating: four-stars

“Twenty years after the unsolved case of Stacey Walker’s disappearance went cold, a Silicon Valley executive hires the retired Menlo Park Police Detective Hank Madden to find her body and track down her missing husband, the prime suspect in her unsolved murder. Four months later, author Candace Epstein is pushed in front of a car near Central Park. Her editor Max Fremmer becomes entangled into the investigation of her attempted murder, though he is adamant that he is uninvolved. As he digs into Candace’s background to clear his own name, Fremmer grows suspicious of his client’s connection to a nefarious institute for lucid dreaming on the Upper East Side and its staff whose stories never seem to add up—all while an unexpected link emerges to Detective Madden’s investigation in California.” (source) Read more »



#FutursticFriday Review: The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir

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#FutursticFriday Review: The Chilbury Ladies’ ChoirTitle: The Chilbury Ladies' Choir
Author: Jennifer Ryan
Source: FirstToRead
Links: Indiebound |Goodreads
Rating: five-stars

Summary: This beautiful epistolary novel gave each character a unique voice and was very moving.

“As England enters World War II’s dark early days, spirited music professor Primrose Trent, recently arrived to the village of Chilbury, emboldens the women of the town to defy the Vicar’s stuffy edict to shutter the church’s choir in the absence of men and instead ‘carry on singing’. Resurrecting themselves as “The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir”, the women of this small village soon use their joint song to lift up themselves, and the community, as the war tears through their lives.” (source) Read more »


Nonfiction Book Club April Poll

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Alright! In keeping with my plan to announce Nonfiction Book Club reads further in advance, here’s the poll for picking our April read. I’ll announce a winner in two weeks and hopefully everyone who wants to join in will be able to get the book before April 🙂

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Women In Science History Event Announcement

February 12, 2017 Uncategorized 21

Especially in light of recent political events, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting a Women In Science History month again this year! Like last year, all you have to do to join in, is link-up one review of a book about a female scientist. You can read nonfiction or historical fiction for the challenge as long as the book you pick features a non-fictional female scientist. I’ll post a link-up for your reviews every Friday and my goal is to also post a book review each week as well. If you want to join in, check out my suggested reads and be sure to link-up your sign-up post below!
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TLC Book Review: Dragon Springs Road

February 9, 2017 Uncategorized 6

TLC Book Review: Dragon Springs RoadTitle: Dragon Springs Road
Author: Janie Chang
Links: Indiebound |Goodreads
Rating: three-stars

Summary: Enjoyable but a bit bland and not as good as the author’s earlier novel.

Although I enjoyed this book, it left me with mixed feelings. The writing was good, but it mostly just stayed out of the way of the story. The scenery wasn’t easy to picture and sometimes I felt I was only given a few small details about a place or a person – not enough to picture them as a whole. The plot was fast-paced, but I didn’t feel especially emotionally invested. The only time I found myself getting a little emotional was in the last chapter or two. Read more »


#FuturisticFriday Review and Giveaway: Systematic

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#FuturisticFriday Review and Giveaway: SystematicTitle: Systematic: How Systems Biology Is Transforming Modern Medicine
Author: James R. Valcourt
Rating: four-stars

Summary: I enjoyed hearing about the fascinating success stories and future directions of this exciting new field.

Systems biology is a newly formed and rapidly evolving field, filled with exciting new research made possible by the computing power available today. Many scientists still do valuable research exploring very small, specific parts of biology. Now systems biologists are beginning to look at how all of this previously studies pieces connect. By taking into account the bigger picture, systems biology has enabled the design of “cancer drugs personalized to an individual’s genetically unique tumor, insights into how the brain works, and the discovery that the bacteria and other microbes that live in the gut may drive malnutrition and obesity.” (source) And that’s just the beginning. Read more »


Doing Discussions: Why Have Giveaways?

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I’ve been really lucky this quarter, with publishers sending review copies for many of the books I mentioned looking forward to in the Futuristic Friday post I did with Tamara of Traveling with T. This also means lots of giveaway copies for all of you, since I always promise publishers that these are books I’ll promote and pass along. Since this has meant a lot of me running giveaways and often paying (the small amount) of shipping myself, it’s made me think more about what motivates me to run giveaways. I’ll share with you some of the reasons I’ve thought of, but then I’m curious about your perspective on giveaways too! Read more »