Unexpected Changes

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At the library yesterday I discovered something awful!  Or at least, I thought it was awful at the time.  My library doesn’t actually own books for all of the number currently in use as part of the Dewey Decimal system!  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to deal with that.  Should I just skip the numbers they don’t have for now and continue as much in order as possible?  Or should I just read books in any order I wanted?

My last post actually led me to the answer.   As I concluded the, there is definitely some value to reading books on similar topics all together.  You begin to see connections between the books and learn what makes that sort of book interesting to you.  So while I will stop going precisely in order, I will try to read related books in clusters so I can still see those connections.  Hopefully this will help me follow the advice given by Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness and not become a reading robot.  It’s very important to me to continue enjoying reading.  No thinking “I have to finish this book so I can review it!”.  That’s a great way to lose the joy of reading and an attitude I’ve been doing my best to avoid.

Since I’ve started this project, walking up and down past the non-fiction section has been a lot of fun. I love looking at all the different exciting books and topics ahead!  I think now that I’m picking my own topics this project will become even more enjoyable 🙂  I’m also excited to take the rest of this week to do some off-project reading, at least until I get back to the library.  I think I’m finally going to read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell (a book which I’ve wanted to read since it came out in 2005!) and hopefully do some more non-fiction reading as well.


“Unexpected Insights for Business and Life”

January 10, 2012 non-fiction 1

ClickClasses started today and neither of my classes seem too difficult.  Hopefully this means good things for my ability to continue blogging throughout the semester!  This evening I had time finish Click, my 006 book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Like the author, I have to admit that I love data.  And this book describes a data-miner’s dream.  The author has information about the searches made and websites visited by 10 million users (!) and has demographic information for about a quarter of them. Read more »


Bookends for Bloggers

January 7, 2012 non-fiction 2

This week visiting the boy was awesome, with lots of time off together and one of our best dates ever at the revolving Sundial restaurant at the top of the Westin in Atlanta (so awesome!).  Unfortunately, the boy also had a lot of work to do.  Fortunately, this left me lots of time to work on my blog and read some 006 books on blogging, which I’ll be reviewing here 🙂 Read more »


Photography Friday!

January 6, 2012 Photography Friday 1

Welcome to the first photography Friday!  One of my new year’s resolutions is to take a picture every week this year and those pictures will be posted in this section of the blog.   This is a chandelier in the Georgia Tech library.  I’ve been taking picture of chandeliers for a while and I’ve been thinking of starting a project photographing libraries, so this was too perfect an opportunity to miss!  If any of you are working on photography projects this year, feel free to pop over and follow me on flickr.  I’ll be sure to follow you back 🙂


The Art of Deception

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18160The Art of Deception is written by a hacker (or, as he calls himself, a “social engineer”) and describes the ways in which hackers can exploit human nature to bypass security measures.  The book was hyped as being “like reading the climaxes of a dozen complex thrillers”, but I don’t think it lived up that hype.  Although I found it interesting to read about the clever ways hackers go about getting very classified information, it wasn’t exactly edge-of-your-seat reading. Read more »


Almost Forgotten Four

January 3, 2012 non-fiction 1

Welcome to the new year everyone! I’m currently visiting my boyfriend in sunny Atlanta, so I’m mostly postponing my resolution setting to when I won’t be wasting precious time with him 🙂  However, I am planning on doing a 52 week photography project where I take a picture a week all year.  To do that, I will be starting a new section on the blog, Photography Friday, where I will post each week’s picture.  I will also be participating in the Cannonball Read challenge to read and review books ( blog available here).  This will require me to do more detailed reviews than I’ve been doing so far.  Feel free to share your own resolutions in the comments! Read more »


Bookends – Finishing the Raine Benares Series

January 1, 2012 Fiction, Urban Fantasy 0

Current Fiction Readings

This week I’ve finally (after waiting a whole day :-P) gotten to read the rest of the published books in the Raine Benares series.  Although the plot in each book is pretty unique, the second and third books did seem a  lot like the first.  One common complaint which I share is that the author reuses words and phrases from book to book.  It’s not unreasonable for the author to recap parts of earlier books, but most other authors are able to do this without directly quoting the previous books.  The direct quotes gave me an unpleasant feeling of deja vu which pulled me out of the current action a little bit. In the first book, I enjoyed all the flirting.  I thought it was enough to give the books a little sex appeal, but not enough I’d be uncomfortable if my mom looked over my shoulder.  But by the third book or so all the almost having sex was beginning to feel kind of ridiculous – it was obvious it was going to happen, but it never did!  The fourth book was one of my favorites, both because something (no spoilers, I promise!) does happen in terms of sex and some of the bad guys begin to get what’s coming to them.  This made for a very satisfying read.  The fifth book was also much more action packed in terms of fighting the bad guys and in Raine’s sex life.  I really liked these last two and can’t wait for the new book this year!

Non-Project Non-Fiction

None this week.  Surprisingly, I’ve actually had less time to read at home than I did my last week at school, so I haven’t done a whole lot of extra non-fiction reading!


Armed and Magical (book 2) and The Trouble with Demons (book 3) – 4 stars – new engaging plots, but largely similar to the first book in tone, style and wording.

Bewitched and Betrayed (book 4) and Con and Conjure (book 5) – 5 stars – I really enjoyed these two!  Much more satisfyingly action-packed than the previous two books.


I Can Haz Books?

December 28, 2011 Uncategorized 0

My books came in!  I also stopped by the non-fiction section and picked up some books for the challenge:

005 – The Art of Deception – one of the very few books in this section I’d want to read all the way through, as most are tutorials for computer programs and programming.  This book is written by a hacker and describes the “most serious security weakness – human nature”.  Supposedly like reading a mystery novel.

006 – Click – this section includes books on “special computer methods”, mostly stuff on artificial intelligence.  Click describes the results of data-mining the information we share online, but seems less dry than that description makes it sounds.  Reminds me a little of Freakonomics – both authors search through seemingly unconnected data for conclusions about human nature.


Home for the Holidays

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This weekend I finished the next two books in the Raine Benares series, which I started reviewing in my last post, and I’ve kind of been at loose ends ever since.  And by “at loose ends” I mean in danger of finishing the entire third season of Merlin in 2 or 3 days!  Hopefully the final two books in the series will come in at the library soon, although I think I may go get books for 005 and 006 today either way.  Either that or I’ll have to purloin some of the books my little brother got for Christmas…  In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a wonderful break or at least not having too difficult of a time getting back to work 🙂


Bookends Before the Holidays

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This week Bookends will just be two books, since I spent most (10 hours!)  of Thursday driving to my parents’ house for the holidays.  Next time I must get some audio books, because otherwise I’ll spend the whole time wishing reading while driving was a viable option!  Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys these reviews and has a wonderful holiday 🙂 Read more »