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How To Build a Girl Read-Along – Part 2

caitlin moran

I am now 10 chapters into How To Build a Girl and it’s time to check in again. Beware spoilers through chapter 10 below. So far, things are still going well! I definitely have a girl crush on Caitlin Moran who is both the reason I consider myself a feminist and the reason I’m happy to tell you I consider myself a feminist. In How To Be a Woman, she had me in stitches almost the whole book – an impressive feat given that she also made me think about many important issues. How To Build a Girl is living up to the hype that created for me much better than I expected. Caitlin’s same sense of humor is there, perhaps slightly less often given the need for narrative, but there are definitely parts that have me laughing out loud. Even though this is fiction, I feel like Caitlin’s character’s story has the same refreshing feel of raw honesty found in her memoir. I know it’s not real, but it’s such an intimate look at a character’s life, I still feel like she’s a real person telling me her story. Continue reading


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Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Requesting ARCs


Welcome to bloggiesta everyone! Today I’ll be running a mini-challenge all about requesting ARCs. I actually started blogging completely unaware that advanced review copies (ARCs) existed. I was shocked when I received my first invitation to review a book and thrilled when I found out about the sites that allow bloggers to request books. I’ve recently graduated to requesting physical ARCs and specific books from publishers, so I’m hopeful I can offer you all some useful advice on the different ways to request advanced review copies. Continue reading


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Bloggiesta Goals

BloggiestaMiniS14Bloggiesta starts tomorrow and I can’t wait! Today Nonfiction Friday is on break as I gear up for bloggiesta, but one of my first goals is to get some posts scheduled in advance so that during future events, it will carry on uninterrupted. My other goals are to:

  • visit other posts in link-ups I’ve added to
  • make sure my Riffle, Goodreads, and LibraryThing reviews are up-to-date
  • add some reviews for books I really want to promote to Amazon (Alias Hook in particular comes to mind)
  • update my challenge progress
  • request ARCs for October
  • participate in at least two challenges
  • plan a fun event/post series/etc which I want to run for each remaining month of the year, perhaps drawing inspiration from last Bloggiesta’s Blog Post Bingo challenge
  • participate in the twitter party
  • have fun!

Happy Bloggiesta everyone! What are your goals for this Bloggiesta?


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How To Build a Girl Read-Along – Part 1

caitlin moranSince this is a read-along, be warned that there will be spoilers. Today we’re discussing chapters 1-4. My main observation about this part of the book is that Caitlin Moran’s hilarious, ernest, frank style in How To Be a Woman translated just fine to fiction. In fact, so far the book reads a lot like the parts of How To Be a Woman which describe Moran’s childhood. There are obvious differences – as Moran is quick to point out, she had much better parents – but there are obvious similarities too. Both Moran and her character are particularly fond of dogs, books, and wanking. Both live in houses crowded with children, have few friends, and enjoy escaping into books. Most importantly, her character in this book narrates her story in Moran’s style, which means I’m loving it. The differences are large enough that I don’t feel like I’m just reading How To Be a Woman over again. It’s more like I’m getting awesome bonus material and I can’t wait to read more!

This read-along is being hosted by Emily at As the Crow Flies (And Reads) so you can check out what the other participants are thinking so far at her link-up.



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Beyond the Borders Bingo Challenge – June-August

Although I’m a bit late officially joining this challenge, I’m excited to share with you Cayce at Fighting Dreamer’s Beyond the Borders Bingo Challenge. The goal is to fill in a row, a column, or more if you’re feeling ambitious by adding some diversity to your reading in the months of June, July, and August. Sign-ups are here. Continue reading


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Armchair BEA Beyond the Borders – Ways to Add Diversity To Your Reading


Today’s Armchair BEA topic has to do with all the different types of diversity in books, from varied genres to books written in different countries, from books by authors of color to books with LGBT characters. The recent outpouring of support for the We Need Diverse Books campaign suggests many bloggers feel strongly about diversifying our reading. As many bloggers have pointed out before me, one of the most amazing things about books is their ability to inspire empathy for even those very different from ourselves. Here are some of the strategies and resources which have helped me diversify my reading. Continue reading


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Armchair BEA Author Interactions


Before I started blogging, I didn’t pay any attention to author events or consider the possibility that I could interact with authors online. Since I started blogging, I’ve had so many fantastic author interactions, I don’t even know where to start. For this post, I’ll focus on in-person interactions and throw in some tips for having great author interactions as I go.

Continue reading


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