Hi and welcome to Doing Dewey! My name is Katie and I’m a grad student currently working on my PhD in bioinformatics.  Other than my increasing interest in reading non-fiction and my lifelong love of fiction books, my hobbies include: photography(mostly when its not so cold out), playing computer games (mostly in the wee hours of the morning), and cooking (mostly sandwiches).

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my attempt to read through the Dewey Decimal system, one book per Dewey Decimal number, a project you can read more about here.  I currently post book reviews (fiction as well as non-fiction), share some of my photographs, and participate in a few memes each week.   I’ve also been posting about my experiences relating to the books I’m reading, like my visit to cheese club after reading about cheese making (the 637’s).  If you’re interested in seeing where my literary adventures take me and learning a few fun facts along the way, please stick around.  I’d love to have you :)

PS – You can contact me at DoingDewey [at] gmail.com. If you are interested in doing a guest post or having me write a guest post for you, just let me know :)

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  1. Hello,

    I just finished and published my book, economics: a simple twist on normalcy. The premise of the book is to incorporate economic theory into social media, pop culture, business, education, and history to help determine why certain things happen. I am interested in either having you review my book, a spot for a book blog tour, or an interview.

    The website for more information about the book is http://www.theeconomicsbook.com.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks in advance,

    Kersten Kelly

  2. If you review books in the humor genre I would welcome the opportunity to send over a PDF copy of my latest collection of short stories entitled ‘Merciful Flush’. Send me an e-mail address if interested.

  3. You go girl! The New Jersey Library Goddesses – njlibrarygoddesses.com – salute you and add to our blogroll.

  4. Hi Katie! I really like your blog! I couldn’t find contact info for you anywhere, though, so I’m hoping you’ll contact me. I’m Lisa with TLC Book Tours. I believe you’re acquainted with my partner, Trish. I have a book coming up on tour that I’d love to discuss with you.

  5. NIce to meet you – I think I met my match when it comes to reading!! My favorite saying is so many books so little time! Thanks for stopping by – I look forward to following your adventure through the Dewey system!

  6. Katie,
    hi. glad you liked one of my posts – I got to find out about your blog, which I know I will be enjoying!
    So long,

  7. Hi! You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award. Follow this link for more information!

  8. Love your blog!. I am interested in having you review an historical southern romance that I have already published. I found your email address but did not find “Submission Guidelines”. Would you prefer KDP RCAR for Kindle, epub, or PDF format. I do not have hard copy…yet. Do you have any other requests such as a synopsis, description, link to samples etc…? I don’t see how reviewers find the time to read so very much and go to school. I admire your work efforts. Thanks for wandering through my blog and finding me.

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  10. Hi Katie – Just to let you know that I nominated you for a WordPress Family Award – thanks for all the fine blogging (and the Book to Movie Challenege)

    • Thank you for the nomination! I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed by blogging lately so it might take me a bit to pass it on, but I’ll make sure to do so in the next few weeks :)

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  12. Hi Katie. I love your blog and have nominated you for a Shine On Award. You can see the post here…http://bookloversattic.wordpress.com/

  13. Hello Katie,
    great blog! I’m here to thank you for the lovely Christmas card.
    I’m Ruty (from Uruguay). have a great year


  14. Cool idea for the blog and love the graphics. Stopping by from The SITS Girls.
    Kendra recently posted…Strawberry Puppy ChowMy Profile

  15. HI KATIE! You swapped with me for the Ninja Bookswap! I asked Bekah to tell you that I was really excited about the books and chocolate you sent me (the chocolate was awesome, two of my friends at work also really appreciated it :D)
    I’ve just finished reading The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led The Revels There, and it’s as good as the first one, i’m really really grateful that you sent it to me, it’s up there on my list of favourite books of all time and I’ve just bought the third one off Abebooks. So THANK YOU!!!! :)

    • Hi Miriam :) I’m so glad you liked the package! It’s fun that you got to share the chocolate and I think it’s wonderful that you liked the book enough to get the sequel. Sadly, I haven’t read the books you sent yet, but I’m very excited about both of them! They’re both books people have been recommending to me for quite some time. I actually just took a picture of everything you sent and will probably do a post on Saturday. In the meantime, I’d like to thank you for a great package. I love the pens and the post-it notes. So pretty! And I was very excited to realize that the books you sent have the UK covers. They’re both nice looking books, in addition to being ones I want to read :) So thank you too! :)

      • This is slightly awkward, because I didn’t post to you. I did post to the states, but not to you – the swap was more circular, you post to me, I post to someone else, that person posts to someone else… etc. But i’m really glad you got an awesome package too! I didn’t even realize there was a difference between UK and US covers xDD

  16. Haha, no problem xD
    Miriam recently posted…Cripple Mr Onion!My Profile

  17. So glad to see a book blogger who covers non-fiction. Definitely not enough of them!
    Kallen (@ GeekyLibrary) recently posted…In Memorium: Sci-fi Author Jay LakeMy Profile

  18. This is a really interesting concept – I love nonfiction, but I don’t get around to reading enough of it! I think I will read through your archives to see what I’ve missed!

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