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NonFictionFriday2Non-Fiction Friday is a link-up where you can find all of the awesome non-fiction happenings of the week. Be sure to link-up your non-fiction posts too!

Non-Fiction News and Resources


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  1. Yay non fiction Friday! I can play this week, too! In unrelated news, I may become J Maarten Troost’s groupie.
    Katie @ Words For Worms recently posted…Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto: An Idiosyncratic Lit ListMy Profile

  2. Man, man, man I really want to watch Girl Trouble: Panic and Progress in the History of Young Women (re-release) & On Paper: The Everything of Its Two-Thousand-Year History (re-release) again!
    Claire recently posted…The Oxford Diaries: (7) 4 Digital Anthropology BooksMy Profile

  3. Oh wow, I can’t believe some of those not-nonfiction works are, well, not nonfiction. I remember doing a presentation in high school about multiple personality disorder and using Sybil as an example; my life has been a lie. Three Cups of Tea was also quite a shocker when I learned about it.

    Which books on that Amazon list surprised you? I honestly have only heard of about half of these books, haha.
    Sophie recently posted…Mini Reviews: I Can Hear You Whisper & Seeds of HopeMy Profile

    • Isn’t that crazy? I had heard that Three Cups of Tea and Go Ask Alice were fake, but I was surprised to see The Education of Little Tree on the list. The rest are books I haven’t read yet.

  4. I am finally able to contribute to Non-Fiction Friday … YAY! :)

  5. How long is the link open?
    Jennine G. recently posted…The Storied Life of A.J. FikryMy Profile

  6. Hi! Thanks for linking to Broad Street. Feel free to stop by and contribute your own thoughts to the discussion–on whether narrative non-fiction should be embellished!

    Take care,

    • Thanks for stopping by Stacey! Your post dealt with such a tough question, I had to mull it over before I had an opinion to share, but I’ve stopped back and left a comment :)

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