Non-Fiction Friday

June 20, 2014 non-fiction 8

NonFictionFriday2Non-Fiction Friday is a link-up where you can find all of the awesome non-fiction happenings of the week. Be sure to link-up your non-fiction posts too!

Non-Fiction News and Resources

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8 Responses to “Non-Fiction Friday”

    • DoingDewey

      I thought the same thing! I’m sure reading it would be interesting and good for me, but I think it would be scary too.

  1. Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf

    Oh wow, that list of children’s books about disabilities… I wish Blueberry Eyes had been around when my little sister was a kid. She was diagnosed with cancer at age 2, on the muscle that controls her eye, so she went through pretty much everything in the book’s description. (She’s an adult now, and doing well!)

    • DoingDewey

      I’m glad to hear that you’re sister is doing well now! I loved the idea of these books being available for children struggling with disabilities. It seems like reading about children with similar disabilities might be comforting and helpful.

  2. tanya

    I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t excited about HRC’s new books – and i’m not even American! Such an iconic and inspirational woman.

  3. Anya

    I love this feature 😀 I wish I read more nonfiction these days, but I know where to look when I do find time and need to decide what to read 😉 I’m quite interested to see how Clinton’s book sales do since that’s a good point.

    • DoingDewey

      Thanks Anya! I need to remember to link-up when I have things for your Friday link-up as well. I’m so used to not having sci-fi and fantasy reviews to add, that sometimes I forget when I do!