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NonFictionFriday2Non-Fiction Friday is a link-up where you can find all of the awesome non-fiction happenings of the week. Be sure to link-up your non-fiction posts too!

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  2. Thanks for the link to the list at Angry Bear. Those books would build on the book that I reviewed this week.
    Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) recently posted…The Royal Society and The Clockwork Universe #BriFri #BookReviewMy Profile

    • It’s true! It could be fun to read books that cover different periods in the history of science, like the one you reviewed, and then finish up with some books about modern science.

  3. I finally have a non-fiction review up this week! :) Some great finds and releases this week – I’m especially excited for The Grapes of Math; anything with a math pun is bound to be either very cheesy (which I like) or very math-heavy (which I also like). The science non-fiction recs are also wonderful! I read The Selfish Gene back when I took evolutionary psych in college, but I think it’s worth a re-read. Thanks for sharing, and having a nice weekend!
    Sophie recently posted…Doubly Monthly Paper: April & May 2014My Profile

  4. Good point! It’s like fiction becomes code for “well written.” But as long as it gets more readers to read good nonfiction, that’s OK with us. :) Thanks for weighing in and the mention.

  5. Yes, I sooo agree! Non-fiction can be exciting, too! Great links this week. (as always)
    Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf recently posted…Review: solo/down by Lauryn Allison LewisMy Profile

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