Non-Fiction Friday


Today is the second Non-Fiction Friday and I’ve decided to add a section where I share some non-fiction news from around the internet. I won’t be adding links from other bloggers, but I will be asking bloggers I know to add some of their great non-fiction reviews and round-ups to the link-up at the end of this post :)

Non-Fiction News and Resources

Blogger Non-Fiction Reviews and Giveaways

  • this week I had finals, so I only reviewed What Are You Waiting For?
  • I’m also running a giveaway that includes a memoir as one of the prizes :) You can enter here
  • link-up your non-fiction reviews, giveaways, discussions and top ten lists here



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6 Responses to Non-Fiction Friday

  1. I have a few nonfiction reviews coming up (eventually). Posted one today and linked it up! I think I’m too old for What Are You Waiting For, but I might check it out anyway.

    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing your review :) I don’t know about too old, but What Are You Waiting For did seem like it would only be helpful to people in very specific situations.

  2. That Pinterest board is a great find! I’m going to keep it bookmarked so that I can visit it if I ever run out of non-fiction books to read, haha. Looking forward to more Non-Fiction Friday posts in the new year! :D

    • Haha, yeah, I’m sure running out of books isn’t a problem any of us have often, but I like the idea of checking on what other people are reading anyway. I’m very excited to have future Non-fiction Fridays with the linky embedded in the post now that I’m self-hosted! It’s a small thing, but it makes me happy :)
      DoingDewey recently posted…Gaming Online Dating In Data, A Love StoryMy Profile

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s a non-fiction Pinterest board for the most popular? I’m going to go add it NOW.
    Allison @ The Book Wheel recently posted…‘Lost Memory’ Is a Social Commentary on Sex Offenders and HomelessnessMy Profile

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