April BAND Discussion

April 29, 2012 Uncategorized 0

This month I’m excited to participate in my first Bloggers’ Alliance of Non-fiction Devotees (BAND) discussion.  Each month, this group poses an interesting question related to our common love of non-fiction.  This weeks’ question comes from Care’s Online Book Club and she asks the following question:

I like to read nonfiction on odd subjects. I define quirky as a book about a single subject that at first thought might prompt a question of how anyone could find enough stuff to write an entire book.  How do you define quirky? and do you read it?

I personally would usually define quirky as off-beat or odd – the sort of book I might have a hard time explaining to a friend how I ended up picking it up.  Out of my current reading, I think the book which most exemplifies my definition of quirky is The Joy of Cheesemaking.  It’s kind of an esoteric topic and not something I would have had reason to stumble across if not for my Doing Dewey project.  A book I recently saw which definitely fits Care’s definition is a book yet to be published but available on Edelweiss called American Tuna: The Rise and Fall of an Improbable Food.  I’ll admit, I may have been waiting for a chance to share that one with you, since I really do have trouble imaging there’s that much to write about tuna!

Your turn!  Feel free to answer the BAND question here or at our host Care’s blog.  How would you define quirky?  And do you read many books that meet your definition?

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