So What’s the Deal With Bitcoins? A Review of Digital Gold

May 25, 2015 Uncategorized 0

So What’s the Deal With Bitcoins? A Review of Digital GoldTitle: Digital Gold
Author: Nathaniel Popper
Source: from publisher for review
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound

Summary: Like all my favorite narrative nonfiction, this book told a great story about fascinating people while teaching me something new.

If you’re like me before reading this book, you’ve heard of the digital money called Bitcoin only when it’s gotten negative press. Honestly, after hearing about many people losing the money they’d invested in Bitcoins, I thought this experiment was dead. I was still fascinated to learn about it though and especially about the people behind Bitcoin. As the subtitle indicates, this group included a wide variety of people, from millionaires to social revolutionaries, from hackers to drug dealers. Like most narrative nonfiction I love, it was the way the author told these people’s stories that made this a great read for me. Read more »


Soundbite Sunday: The Martian

May 24, 2015 Audiobook, Fiction, Science Fiction 5 ★★★★★

Soundbite Sunday: The MartianTitle: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Source: Blogging for Books, Bought
Rating: five-stars
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound

Summary: The narrator, the story, the humor – everything was fantastic!

If someone had to be stranded on Mars, Mark Watney was a great choice. Only someone with his mad botany and engineering skills could possibly stay alive, with no way to communicate with Earth and too few supplies to wait on a rescue mission. And only someone with his phenomenal sense of humor could survive the solitude without going insane. These two traits also made him a wonderful protagonist to read about. Being stranded on Mars could make for a depressing, hopeless story. Instead, I spent the whole book laughing or on the edge of my seat rooting for Mark to survive each new challenge.
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Love is Red

May 20, 2015 Fantasy, Fiction, Thriller 8 ★★★★

Love is RedTitle: Love Is Red
Author: Sophie Jaff
Source: TLC Book Tours
Rating: four-stars
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound

Summary: This was a book that really shouldn’t have worked for me, but I loved the writing and I can’t get the story out of my head.

After centuries of dormancy, the Sickle Man has been awakened. His sole purpose is to hunt down Katherine Emerson, a woman with a dark destiny, but first he must gather the emotions of other victims. As his brutal crimes terrorize the women of Manhattan, Katherine must decide how much she trusts the two new men in her life. Although one is dark and brooding (of course!) and one is kind and handsome, it’s not clear what they are each hiding from her. Read more »


Interview with Lizzie Harwood (#30 Authors)

May 19, 2015 Author Interview 11

81+-AV1ZAbL._UX250_Today I’m excited to be able to share an interview with one of the many great authors of the Legacy collection, Lizzie Harwood. I had fun reading her story and even more fun revisiting it after talking to her about what inspired her.

Thanks for joining me for an interview! Could you please start by telling us a little bit about your story in the anthology?

Thanks for the interview, Katie, it’s lovely to be on your delightful blog. I was thrilled to be asked to join the #30Authors in the Legacy anthology and thought I’d write about my dad’s grandfather dying at sea during World War One and his son dying soon afterwards on the battlefields of the Somme, and how another great-uncle died 20 miles away during one of the many ‘Big Pushes’ of that chilling war. I wanted to know what trace that left on my parents. But my folks are hard to pin down and wrestle emotional catharsis and dénouement from, so I decided to tell the story of what a cat does to a group of people, what legacy she left on me and my family. Read more »


Five Ways The Last Bookaneer Made Book Pirates Boring

May 18, 2015 Fiction, Historical Fiction 18 ★★

Five Ways The Last Bookaneer Made Book Pirates BoringTitle: The Last Bookaneer
Author: Matthew Pearl
Source: from publisher for review
Rating: two-stars
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound

Summary: Despite an exciting premise and some interesting plot elements, the dry, sometimes condescending writing made this a boring read for me.

In the same way that the phrase “assassin nuns” made me instantly want to read Grave Mercy, as soon as I got to the words “literary pirates” in this book description, I knew I had to read The Last Bookaneer. Sadly, unlike Grave MercyThe Last Bookaneer didn’t live up to my expectations. Although this book picked up a little towards the end, it was a mostly a very slow read that I was always close to giving up on. Here are a few of the reasons it didn’t quite work for me: Read more »


Legacy: An Anthology (#30Authors)

May 18, 2015 Contemporary, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary, Magical Realism, Memoir, Narrative Non-Fiction, non-fiction 6 ★★★

Legacy: An Anthology (#30Authors)Title: Legacy
Author: Adria J. Cimino, Allison Hiltz, David Whitehouse, Didier Quémener, J.J. Hensley, Jenny Milchman, Kristopher Jansma, Lizzie Harwood, Marissa Stapley, Maureen Foley, Paula Young Lee, Piper Punches, Regina Calcaterra, Stephanie Carroll, Vicki Lesage
Source: from publisher for review
Rating: three-stars
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound


Last year, I was able to participate in the fun #30Authors event, connecting authors with bloggers and readers. This interaction led to the creation of Legacy, a collection of short stories written specifically for the anthology. This collection includes both fiction and nonfiction pieces, all connected by their exploration of the idea of legacy. Read more »



Discussion: Pros and Cons of Scheduled Reading

May 14, 2015 Discussion 38



Like many other bloggers, I love advanced review copies and I love the book blogging pushes me to keep reading and writing book reviews. I’ve also shared the realizations of several other bloggers that scheduled reading for a book blog can reduce the number of books you read as soon as you can get them and the number of books you read because of serendipitous library browsing. There are a few things I really enjoy about scheduled reading though, so today I’d like to talk about both the good and the bad parts of scheduled reading. Read more »


Diamond Head Review

May 12, 2015 Fiction, Historical Fiction 8 ★★★

Diamond Head ReviewTitle: Diamond Head
Author: Cecily Wong
Source: from publisher for review, TLC Book Tours
Rating: three-stars
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound

Summary: Although I loved the historical setting, I didn’t immediately connect to the characters and even when I did, the plot didn’t have much drive.

This family saga spans four generations, following the Leongs from China to Hawaii and from the Boxer Rebellion to WWII. Throughout the years, the women  are each unlucky in love in their own way, with their accumulating secrets and tragedies influencing the following generations. Read more »