Futuristic Friday: Books We Can’t Wait To Read


It’s time once again for Tamara and I to pick out some books we’re looking forward to over the next quarter and there are some good ones coming up! As always, I had a very hard time narrowing my list down. So, here are just some of the many books being published in the next three months that we can’t wait to read.

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Fiercombe Manor

Fiercombe ManorTitle: Fiercombe Manor
Author: Kate Riordan
Rating: four-stars
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound

Summary: This well-executed dual narrative was beautifully atmospheric and kept my interest all the way through.

Although Lady Elizabeth Stanton of Fiercombe appears well at her first public appearance in years, she and her husband both still have secrets to hide, from the world and from each other. After the tragic events following the birth of her first child and several subsequent miscarriages, Lady Elizabeth is fearful that her current pregnancy will also end in tragedy or at least disappoint her husband, who longs for a boy.  Thirty years later, when Alice is sent to Fiercombe to hide the fact that she is pregnant and unmarried, she becomes obsessed with learning the what tragedy befell Lady Elizabeth. In the gloomy, confined atmosphere at Fiercombe, Alice fears that tragedy will find her as well. Continue reading


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Giveaway of Jojo Moyes’s One Plus One


I don’t typically do giveaways that aren’t paired with a review, but since I already read, reviewed, and loved Jojo Moyes’ One Plus One, I jumped at the chance to share this wonderful book with you. To be entered to win, just fill out the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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NightbirdTitle: Nightbird
Author: Alice Hoffman
Source: from publisher for review
Rating: four-stars
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound

Summary: Cute, short, light, with a very fairy tale feel. I enjoyed this a lot, but wish the author had take the time to develop the plot further.

“Twelve-year-old Twig’s town in the Berkshires is said to hide a winged beast, the Monster of Sidwell, and the rumors draw as many tourists as the town’s famed pink apple orchards. Twig lives in the orchard with her mysterious brother James and her reclusive mother, a baker of irresistible apple pies. Because of a family secret, an ancient curse,Twig has had to isolate herself from other kids. Then a family with two girls, Julia and Agate, moves into the cottage next door. They are descendants of the witch who put the spell on Twig’s family. But Julia turns out to be Twig’s first true friend, and her ally in trying to undo the curse and smooth the path to true love for Agate and James.” (source) Continue reading


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Bloggiesta Goals


Yay, Bloggiesta! It’s time for us to once again come together and give our blogs the TLC they deserve. Although I’m getting back into blogging as I wrap up my research paper, I’m still exceptionally busy with grad school work, so I’ll be keeping my goals pretty minimal this year.

  • Participate in at least two mini-challenges
  • Participate in at least four twitter chats
  • Polish my Pinterest
  • Comment on at least five new-to-me blogs
  • Write three blog posts

What are your plans for Bloggiesta?


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Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Tracking Diverse Reading Stats



I’ve always loved end of the year stats posts and wanted more data about what I was reading, so last year, I started tracking my blog stats using a great spreadsheet from Nikki at Fyrefly’s Book Blog. I was (and am) trying to diversify my reading, so to track how I was doing, I added columns for: the author’s nationality, whether the author was a person of color, whether any of the main characters were non-white or LGBT, and whether each book was translated (if I remember correctly; the version of the spreadsheet available at Nikki’s blog is no longer the one I downloaded, so I apologize if I’m stealing credit for some of her stat tracking ideas!). While using those categories last year, I realized just how tricky tracking diversity could be. Continue reading


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Mistress Firebrand

Mistress FirebrandTitle: Mistress Firebrand
Author: Donna Thorland
Source: from publisher for review
Rating: four-stars
Links: Amazon|Goodreads|Indiebound

Summary: The romance and other plot elements were both enjoyable and complemented one another in a great way.

Jenny has always wanted to be famous for her plays, but had resigned herself to a background role until she has the opportunity to present her work to the playwright General John Burgoyne. British intelligence officer Severin Devere is concerned that Jenny will simply be a distraction for the womanizing general and during his efforts to control the situation is surprised to find himself falling for Jenny instead. Unfortunately, as Severin maintains his steadfast loyalty to the crown and Jenny begins to achieve fame writing propaganda for the rebels, they find themselves torn between their loyalties in the war and their loyalty to each other.
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